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The countdown has begun: C will be three in only about two and a half weeks.

Sometimes I look through the archives of my blog to revisit all the things we’ve been through together. 564 more words


A short drunken post on drunken meloncholy

I might be sad again. I think it’s a temporary moroseness though, because I’m drunk–or, more accurately and less accusatorially–I’ve been drinking.

I’m not full-drunk, but I’m tipsy and, honestly, it’s great. 171 more words


Songs I Love - Part Two

Loving this song today……

Bloodstream by Stateless



I wrap myself in love songs

the clouds of my mood

pad the grief of the sky

Poetic Words


engulfing softly the breath

warmed with heart’s heat

fire boiling oceans

beneath calm seas

unspeakable lurkers within deep realms

making known dreams

popping bubbles in crimson skies

Poetic Words

Earthens moving shadows

I laugh at the insertion
Of a strange and dwindling way
The thoughts of some occurring
And the dented wormy clay
It’s pounded within inches… 72 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"