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Nobody dies on Tuesday, nobody escapes.

There is not much to be said for the way things have gone lately, other than to enjoy that sweet air borne dust on the lips; pollens and poisons? 292 more words


Missing Pieces

Is it strange to find pieces of you after you have disappeared? Pieces of you in the places you were, in the clothes you wore, in the air you breathed, in the words you’ve said. 109 more words


The Ever Meloncholic Damien Rice.

Every generation has their musical hero, someone who’s much more than just the voice of a generation, but their sound.

Ireland had Rory Gallagher in the 80s and the world had Nirvana in the 90s. 425 more words

Melancholy color

Blue melancholy

Deep, sad and tired

Staring of the edge of

Nothing in particular

You miss to the quick

This thing unnamed

Melancholy red

This is what anger looks like… 126 more words

The Good, the Ugly and the Human: a Tuesday Musing

Credit: http://m1.i.pbase.com

To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control, that can lead you to be shattered in very extreme circumstances for which you were not to blame. 434 more words



The countdown has begun: C will be three in only about two and a half weeks.

Sometimes I look through the archives of my blog to revisit all the things we’ve been through together. 564 more words