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Dinner Service

After the dinner hour, a table still waits…

Washington, DC
photographed 4.1.2015


seven hundred eighty one

If life made any sense
Guitar Ranch would be owned by
Luthier family.

Dickens County, Texas



Maybe I have an emerging interest in photographing indoor tableaus. But, really, when the light comes through those beaded lampshades and highlights the tips of the aloe vera, wouldn’t anyone with a camera have that kind of emerging interest?

Silver Spring, Maryland
photographed 4.4.2015


seven hundred eighty

Dreams did not survive.
Lace curtains, wood paneled room
have been left behind.

Pep, Texas


Easter eggshells

On Easter weekend, my friend (I’ll call her Martha, mostly because that is her name) had a few eggshells on her kitchen windowsill. They were just hanging out until she moved them to the compost bin. 22 more words


seven hundred seventy nine

Some things seem as though
they’ve looked this way forever.
An example here.

Dime Box, Texas


A certain sense of desolation

Glen Echo started out as an amusement park and has been repurposed as an arts center. (Here’s the scoop.)

On the day I was there, a cold and rainy Friday, a sense of desolation permeated the place. 31 more words