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Differing views

Please note that I did not pay Ehpem to write this stuff about my image. Really.

My collaboration with Melinda continues with golden views to the western horizon.

208 more words

eight hundred five

On-coming dust storm
soon will envelope this house –
typical spring day.

Tokio, Texas


Ehpem tries to make things right

As you all know, there are far too few Monty Python references in contemporary blogging. Today, as our co-posting series continues, Ehpem tries to remedy that: 232 more words


eight hundred four

Way to go, window
screen! You saved the image by
dangling just like that.

Roswell, New Mexico


eight hundred three

Einstein was here! I
mean I guess he was – what
else explains paint job?

Chaves County, New Mexico


eight hundred two

Horizontal spots
can look vertical now and
there (here in Marfa.)

Marfa, Texas


We were asked to leave the premises

Hello and welcome to the second day of the Great Co-Posting Experiment. If you were here yesterday, you know that Ehpem and I will be co-posting some of our images from my recent trip to Victoria. 298 more words