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seven hundred twenty seven

Curtains add oddly
formal touch to debris-filled
room: a sad ending.

Bula, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

The doors hold no mystery

The doors may not hold any mysteries, but who knows what’s behind them. (They were locked.)

South Plains, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015


seven hundred twenty six

Argument can be
made: disappeared buildings can
still haunt us, like ghosts.

Austin, Texas


The flag and the ficus

The Caprock Home Center is going out of business. Or maybe it’s already gone. It might have been the last business left in town, except for the thrift store at the other end of the block. 50 more words


seven hundred twenty five

Windows can distort
the truth both literally,

Lubbock, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

Monochrome Madness, recap

For the past year, Leanne Cole and Laura Macky have been working on a project they call Monochrome Madness, where photographers are invited to submit their images every week; Leanne posts them on her blog. 129 more words


Couched in Indifference

A long hallway on the second floor. A couch against the wall. Bright light at the end, and a small wedge of light off to the side. 13 more words