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Minor League and Other News

-This makes sense; Bills coach Rex Ryan is coaching in a minor league town(youtube.com)

-Comparing an 8th grader to Calvin Johnson might be a bit of a reach( 51 more words

Other News

Home-made armored vehicles of China

Today we came across this rather odd picture while searching for tank related news.  This image is from a Business Insider piece, although it has little to do with the article itself, which is a roundup of world economic news. 123 more words

Modern Vehicle News

The International Space Station? Nope, That's Megatron

The International Space Station was visible in our neck of the woods tonight, which was exciting. Little Man loves science, especially anything that has to do with space, so great visibility on a reasonable time on a non-school night meant that he’d get to see it again. 284 more words

The Kids

Lies, Damn Lies, and Analytics

“Oh, you know, it’s a tool box. I don’t care. You put the tools in
for the job. That’s all.”

-Robert De Niro, Ronin 447 more words



Line: Transformers Robot Heroes

Series: 2

Scale: 2 inch

Height: 2 inches

Comments: none


Transformers Combiner Wars Armada Megatron

Way back on one of the Podcasts (wait, we need to do another one eventually…) me and Figure Fan were kind of making fun of this figure. 556 more words


Victory vs Megatron

A long time ago, far away on the planet of Supercelltron, war is waged between the noble Wildfire Frenzy Autobots and the devious decepticon clan by the name Megatron. 240 more words