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Medusa Part I

I wrote this a few years ago. It’s supposed to be a reinterpretation of Ovid’s Medusa. The basic summary is that this is an alternative universe in which Greek Mythology is actual real (and no, not Aliens that have been misinterpreted) and Medusa didn’t actually get her head chopped off (I’ve never liked that bit). 4,525 more words


This is what a bad, ugly singer looks like, FIndlaw.com

Look away! Do not look directly at the image or your retinas may burn off. May I suggest holding a mirror to your computer screen at a 45 degree angle. 158 more words


“[…]what can be the most revealing insight of all- the insight that comes from looking in a mirror.”1

El Hombre enfrenta el conflicto de definirse dentro de la historia, nosotros, por ejemplo, podemos asumirnos en una época de cambio, como perpetradores de un intento encaminado a romper con una tradición que nos pesa y a la cual deseamos sobreponernos, reafirmarnos. 1,885 more words


Medusa II

Alone she remained, her owl flown away.

Her voice her only company…

Shadows play on the broken walls,

And with her scaly hands, formed words of her own. 362 more words


Medusa I

With a simple stare,

Deep within her darkened lair,

You’ll want to take the dare,

Of looking into her deadly glare.

But here is where the question lies, 264 more words