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How a Bar Converstation Changed My Life

A guy walks into Applebee’s and finds a spot near me. I was by myself, not because I’m an alcoholic, but because I was on a business trip. 1,074 more words



After an enlightening bar conversation that changed my life on June 24, 2014, I felt like a walking sponge. In the proceeding weeks, I was unknowingly absorbing energy around me. 444 more words


Are Ouija Boards Really Dangerous?

Ouija boards are one of those elements of the world of the paranormal that routinely split the opinions of people.  For some they are a useful tool to exploring the spirit world while to others they are dangerous and not to be touched.  646 more words

Ghosts & Hauntings

What's this about?

“Never have I ever channeled a passed love one while drunk at a bar?” Dang it, I guess I will drink to that. June 26, 2014, completely shattered life-long perceptions, jolted my faith, and set me on a spiritual path that includes Spirit Guides, Angels, & mediumship. 36 more words


Haunted houses are pretty clever

One of the most ‘interesting’ houses I lived in

Was the old bush nursing hospital in Lilydale Vic.

There are many tales I can tell you… 479 more words


On Proving things….



I have noticed these things more and more

I think when you notice something, you begin new patterns of awareness

I love my blog because I get to muse about things that I feel are important… 263 more words


Abraham Lincoln's Spirit Remains

It’s the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death. He was shot on the 14th and died on the 15th. I moved just south of Washington, DC over 5 years ago. 427 more words

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