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Half, Awake

Originally posted on 7/19/2009.

A man with long hair and memory
is trying to break into my house
to rob or smudge me
while I am sleeping. 131 more words


Discovering Delight blog tour

I recently received news about an amazing Cross Focused blog tour of Discovering Delight: 31 Meditations on Loving God’s Law.

I’m thankful to David Woollin and the other folks at… 19 more words



The Sun, out of nostalgic despair, bleeds melancholic hues of crimson across the evening sky. It makes me wonder if he purposefully tried to take his life or if he was the victim of shadow energy assassins who sought to suppress his light. 185 more words


Removing Negativity - As Easy As Breathing?

I know that it’s difficult sometimes to remove negative thoughts and realign with your true nature.

Sometimes things just drive us crazy, and it is difficult in those moments to calm things down and form a different perspective. 94 more words


A Bad Idea

Originally posted 8/8/2013.

A Bad Idea hugs my neck with icy meat paws,
smears me with an evil kiss
from a greasepaint devil’s face;

takes me out, gets me drunk  182 more words


Aldebaran Meditation ... by Alice

Dear Ones,

Try looking at this picture while meditating. See if it awakens any star memories…. You might want to pay attention to the straight lines and the suns, and not concentrate on the dotted line, as you meditate. 173 more words