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The Beginning, Middle, End

How do we know where it ends and when it begins?

Where is the end

Perhaps more importantly,

What happens in between

The Journey

The birth of a child marks a Beginning… 25 more words


So what exactly is meditation anyway?

Hello out there! Now that we covered the basics about me in my first post, let’s start getting into some things that I feel might really change your life. 2,160 more words



Don’t forget to set aside at least 5-10minutes for deep breathing. Imagine the stress you feel melting away. If you just experienced something frustrating and upsetting, remember that it will pass. 37 more words


The Great Escape

You can’t have a blog about being healthy in your mind, body and soul without talking about everybody’s favorite thing, vacation. It is no question that you should find time throughout your day to do something for yourself be it, working out, meditating or having a nice salad in replacement of that juicy bacon cheeseburger; but there is a special time a year where we, at Namastay Cenetered, believe you should splurge and take at least 5-7days of vacation to just let go. 578 more words





by Jack Kornfield

Here is a story told about the Buddha shortly after he was enlightened. As he was walking down the dusty road he met a traveler who saw him as a handsome yogi exuding a remarkable energy.

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Real Life

Yoga Recap 2015-04-26: Downsides To Intelligence 

Another week of overall good sits. Some very deep physical stillness, and strong, focused energetic sensations. Mula bandha again further refined and requiring less effort. Sambhavi mudra becoming more pronounced and sensations increasing in the strength of the muscular engagement. 1,231 more words


Compassion, Boundaries, Disappointment, and Should-less-ness

It’s been a long journey thus far to get to the point where I feel like I deserve to share my feelings about what I will, and will not, accept in relationships.¬† 733 more words