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Inward Oblivion

place yourself inside a situation of extreme discomfort,
or something clandestine and scandalous. will will
hold together through the thick and thin of immersion,
or can the countermeasures of chaos induce true awakening? 66 more words


Starry night reverie!

If your worries seem unbearable at times it may be helpful to take a trip outside the city, away from all the light pollution and noise, and look up. 126 more words


15 Minute Daily Light Meditation

There are many benefits to meditating daily including quieting the mind, feeling more calm and reducing stress. Meditating slows down your breathing rate, which calms the adrenals and oxygenates your body. 428 more words


Should We Be Adjusting People in Savasana?

Savasana is yoga class dessert: time spent in corpse pose, on our backs, with a relaxed body. It is a sweetly brief period of physical softness, breath awareness, and meditation. 506 more words


Re: Sleepless Nights

I have a chronic problem falling (and staying) asleep. I need complete darkness and quiet, and then even the smallest noises can wake me up. That’s aside from having a noisy brain and a near constant state of inner turmoil. 739 more words


Compassion Meditation

A recent study by Stanford University demonstrated that compassion infused meditation increases overall positivity and self-kindness. Compassion meditation differs from other forms of meditation in focusing on your own or another person’s suffering and wishing an alleviation of that pain. 285 more words