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let's get naked 2

Look here first to see why do we want to get naked.

Right! So, now that we have been authentic with our own self and we have decided to meditate, what should we do? 913 more words


Zensations: lessons from cats

It’s true that cats are different creatures. They have a particular personality, most of them, that many people dislike and therefore, gravitate more toward dogs, while casually shoving cats off to the side as “evil”. 614 more words


The Power of Meditation

This week I’ve been very diligent about my meditation practice. It’s amazing the difference that it makes to take just 10 minutes out of your morning to “inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit”. 80 more words


Create a Circle of Pure Energy Field, Around Your Body.

Everyone carries an image of himself into his own mind. This image creates the similar thoughts, emotions which further forms an energy. This energy is also called an aura of a person. 1,483 more words



The purpose of meditation is to clear the mind.  Nooo?

The purpose of meditation is to discover self. Nooo?

The purpose of meditation is to discover God. 79 more words


6 Words That Rocked My World

My husband Jason is a scientist and someone who has a very intense filing system for a mind. His mind never shuts down. If the average person has over 20,000 thoughts a day, he probably has more like 10x! 506 more words