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The Hedge with a Window and a Door

When you choose to think about something, just one thing and nothing else, and your mind cooperates and is able to stay with the subject of your choosing, then over some time, either in one sitting or by repeating the experience again and again, you have a chance at better understanding that subject.   222 more words


Inner Dance

Difficult to describe as it’s more of an energetic experience and emotional release, this spiritual healing modality is rooted in ancient Filipino babaylan (shamanic)   tradition, today namely, Inner Dance.   500 more words


100 Days of Meditation (Day 2)

100 Days of Meditation (Day 2)


Day 2

Well I did it! Another day! I can tell you that I’m at least proud for that. 394 more words



So I’m sitting in the airport in Denver, waiting for my lunch when I realize it is 11:11am. I think these types of repetitive number sequences are little messages from the universe. 240 more words

Self Awareness

Daily Meditation is Good for What Ails Us AND How to Find the Time to Meditate

The Mayo Clinic reports that meditation can provide emotional and medical benefits that include increasing awareness, reducing anxiety, lessening depression, lowering blood pressure, and improving sleep. 487 more words


Access Your Inner Stability

We can access our inner stability through meditation and prayer.  When we get quiet and calm, we can hear ourselves.  We can respond instead of react.  209 more words


How to Develop Concentration

In directing all of your energy toward achieving a goal, one-pointed concentration is necessary.

The key to developing concentration is practice: practice concentrating on one thing at a time, and cultivating awareness: bringing your full awareness to whatever you do. 642 more words