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Serendipity Meditation

I was told to take up meditation to achieve some equanimity in my life among the midst of A levels.  I was told to sit and listen to soothing music and watch the clouds float by. 174 more words

How To Meditate When You Can't Focus

Meditation is amazing for your mental health; it helps you let go of stress, find inner peace, and escape the troubles of the world. But what happens when you simply cannot let go? 702 more words


Photo of the Week V1 WK21

I was walking in the park, thinking about everything that’s been going on this year. Work has been so stressful that it’s been affecting my home, my body, and my business. 148 more words


A Prayer Lesson

The Lord looked down from his holy height,
from heaven he beheld the earth,
to hear the groaning of the prisoners,
to release those doomed to die.
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FREE Guided Meditation Traning! 

Join the INNER RICH MEDITATION EXPERIENCE !! A Free Meditation Training over 9 easy days! Already started; yet, it’s not too late to join Today! 11 more words


Had a bad day ?

I have had a bit of stressful time the last couple of weeks where everything seemed to be tumbling on top of me with home life, I was away with work… 599 more words