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A Different Path

When Princess Isabel, the new duchess was to leave to her new home, the Sjöberg’s had received a request that one of their daughters accompany her. 566 more words

Sims 3

8 - 12 Course Menu, with paired drinks

I have been a bad blogger.  There have been reasons for this, but I won’t bore you with them.  Instead I shall offer a gourmet feast for your delectation. 797 more words


Bruges at Dusk by SidewinderX

A shot of Bruges (Brugge) as the sun sets. The city is much more peaceful as the tourist daytrippers leave.

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it's like a medieval zombie flick.

the tafurs were a group of medieval vagabonds present in the crusades. while their historicity is debated – for reasons you’ll soon see, they could easily be fabricated, in whole or in part, to discredit the frankish crusaders, or perhaps the frankish poor in general – they are nevertheless a fascinating aspect of the crusades for their, for lack of a better word, horribleness. 419 more words


RESEARCH - Medieval Era

A short overview of aspects of Medieval life.

Medieval life

Trades and work

– Most jobs involved making and maintaining everyday necessities (such as baking, butchering and spinning).  1,910 more words


II.II.VII Romance of a Loner

Life on his own, away from his parents and brother, was not as bad as one could think. Tilton Potter was a loner and enjoyed the solitude very much. 524 more words

Castle Keep