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A Burnable Book of Prophecy and Treason

 Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger begins with a young woman shoving a book to the maudlyn Agnes, hidden in a copse in the Moorfields outside London gate. 741 more words

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Once Again Lost In Pronunciation - Welsh This Time

Consider the following:

ch a non-English sound as in Scottish ‘ch’ in ‘loch’

ll a breathy ‘thl’ sound that does not occur in English

u… 248 more words


CHAINS OF FOLLY by Roberta Gellis

Back in the days when King Stephen still ruled a troubled and divided kingdom, and Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine were still buried deep in the tarot pack, one small part of London had its own queen, the beautiful  Magdalene la Bâtarde. 514 more words

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'Tapestry of Life', a guest post by Karen Ralls

About a year ago I wrote an article on mosaics of stained glass and saw in them a reflection of our own lives and journeys. I have a feeling that the best analogies occur to many of us at some point. 1,482 more words


AN ANCIENT EVIL by Paul Doherty

This is the first in a series of novels based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales by my favourite author of medieval mysteries, Paul Doherty, author of – among many other great tales – the immensely successful series known as… 605 more words

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Hangman's Daughter (Germany)

I suppose it would be more accurate to say this mystery novel is set in Bavaria, since “Germany” doesn’t exist in the mid 1600s. I was immediately intrigued by the setting because I used to be an exchange student in the town of Schongau, where the hangman and his family live. 285 more words