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10 Great Books on Medicine

Our 10 Great Books on Medicine (Subtitled: 10 Books About Medicine That Inspired Me) was put together by Judy Melinek. Special thanks to her for putting this great list of books together! 564 more words


Hello there!

So as this is my first blog post, I think I should start by introducing myself a bit to you. I’m Hannah, I’m currently 20 but soon to turn the big 21 (scary moment much) and I’m at university in London studying medicine. 499 more words

First Blog

Racing the Reaper

How often have you heard this as an EMS professional? The best medicine is a diesel bolus, right? “Ambulance A this is Base” “Go Ahead” “You have a 45 year old male complaining of (insert serious overused complaint here)” “Roger” -Lights on- -Siren on- Sound familiar? 364 more words

Drug already on the market could help treat MS and other neurological diseases

Multiple sclerosis, unless you suffer from nerve damage it is a pain you (thankfully) will never have to feel. In most cases, treating the brutal pain caused by this (and other neurological diseases) is the only help that can be offered to people. 624 more words


Happy 30th birthday to the first HIV blood test, and the countless lives it has saved

Thirty years ago, on March 2, 1985, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new HIV test. It was the result of nine months of round-the-clock labor by dozens of scientists. 821 more words

Deskilling, Deprofessionalisation, and Descartes

The next time that you are brushed off by a doctor, nurse, teacher, or any other professional who seems to be following a flowchart or checklist, blame it on the cold night of 10-11 November 1619. 390 more words


Can Medicines Cause Nightmares?

Dreams tell us things. They even warn us before something happens. But we find it hard to understand pieces that don’t fit, that don’t make sense. 108 more words