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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Process and Function

Dr. James Summa, an interventional radiologist, draws on more than 20 years of professional experience. Most recently in service to White Rock Radiology Associates, Dr. James Summa pursues a particular professional interest in the embolization of uterine fibroids. 131 more words


Magic Potion!

By Maasi Muna

Hi all!

I hope all of you are doing well in this blessed month of Ramadan. Now, yesterday while cooking chicken roast for my kiddies, my face got splattered with hot oil & water. 407 more words

Maasi Muna

Pupil response predicts depression risk in kids

Most parents don’t want to think about their children as depressed, but that can be a deadly mistake. Short of clinical diagnosis through cost prohibitive therapy, there is no real way to tell if a child is at risk for depression. 304 more words


The Next Right Action

A few months ago I decided not to go to med school. I wonder if maybe I’m only doing it to be impressive; as if having an MD attached to my name could make me better, more worthy of love. 1,209 more words


IndieBio: Silicon Valley’s Biotech Accelerator

Biotechnology is the cutting edge of development. With advances once thought impossible coming out every day, the limits of imagination are all that bar the realm of discovery. 291 more words

Bjorn Koch

10+1 Commandments For Companies Developing Wearable Health Trackers

I use a dozen health trackers to live a healthy life. I would not go out for a run without measuring data. As a geek, that is my motivation. 1,159 more words


MainPain Challenge - Day 30 | Chiropractor Scheduled

It seems every other day, my back will feel like I’m over the hump and getting better, then the very next day, my back just hurts like you wouldn’t believe. 360 more words