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I chose this particular link concerning “SB 277″ because it had the most simple explanation as to what this bill could do to parental rights. 731 more words

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Teaching old drugs new tricks!

We are in the new renaissance of medicine where technology is coming thick and fast into our world and we are both in awe and struggling to keep up. 539 more words

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Industries that need Wire & Cable

Are you looking for custom wire, custom cable or tubing for your specific industry?

Whether you are in the Medical Industry, Robotics, Aerospace, Military, a University or even a Distributor – here at Jaguar Industries we can help you find the product you need. 281 more words

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Some Thoughts on Television and Euthanasia

Ask me what my favorite TV shows are, and I’ll tell you: “Mad Men,” “30 Rock,” “Scrubs,” “How I Met Your Mother.” All of these are wonderful and well-respected gems of primetime, not to mention give me some street cred among cool strangers. 520 more words


Smart Little Girl Talks to 911! incredible... ♥♥♥…Heart melting VDO...

Truly this will  melt ur heart…Amazing now a days Children are so amazing & brilliant …. Out of the mouths of babes. what an amazing child, all credit to the parents, hope dad is doin well, But in the end Girls Will be Girls :-) … 14 more words


Why should patients have the right to a copy of their imaging data?

It will come as no surprise to the readers of my blog that I am a firm believer in the patient’s right to have a copy of their own data.  481 more words


The Word on Nicotine, Vaping, and Birth Control

There is currently a lack of information out there on vaping and birth control usage – indeed, many doctors themselves are still uneducated about vape products, and certainly there are not many medical studies available on the interactions between nicotine vapor and birth control. 833 more words