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Update #2

Time for another update: First, I wanted to thank all my wonderful blog readers for the encouragement and comments. I was in a pretty low place last week and hearing how other people felt similarly during their Step 1 prep helped tremendously. 373 more words

Medical School

Today was a pretty solid day. The friar, my chronic care doc, really pushes me hard to think. I’m having to remember those silly details from step 1 studying and apply them to the real world. 291 more words

Medical School

It's All An Act...

“It is better to know some of the questions, than all of the answers.” – James Thurber

In medical school the first thing you want to do is look smart. 726 more words

Remodelled Realizations: Ideals that Medicine Has Proven Me Wrong

I have lost count on how many times I flipped my books, reviewers, and reports this academic year out of frustration. This whole year, I really have felt like I have become more like an adult with my ideals in life slowly shattering before me. 1,709 more words

Time To Catch Up

Just a quick catch-up on life for all those who care (i.e.: long-distance family members)!

Med School

The last few weeks have been nice – I forgot what it was like to go do things on the weekend and not feel like I have to be studying for an exam. 836 more words

Medical School

Is That A Penis?

Once again, I have emerged from studying for a bit of fresh air after completing another block of my first year of medical school. This time, I was studying reproduction, which involved a striking amount of time agonizing over the question, “Is that a penis?” 589 more words

Medical School

8 Realities Of Being Married To A Med Student

1. Something is always stressing them out. There is always another test to study for, another practical to pass, electives to take, a volunteer shift to work or residencies to apply for. 405 more words