Taking Your Time Can Go A Long Way.

There is a clear difference between the packaging that took place with the same product. The photo on the left is the product arrived to us damaged might I add, and the picture on the right is how we sent it back. 6 more words


How to Conduct Hair Drug Test Procedure

Hair test is a common type of drug test that identifies the presence of illegal drugs. Compare to other drug test, hair tests is more precise, non-offensive and do not require isolated area to gather the specimen. 374 more words

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Necessity of Examination Lighting Solutions for Professional Medical Practice

Medical lighting is pretty crucial for any medical professional. Different types of medical lights generally comprise of:


  • Examination Lights
  • Minor Procedure Lights
  • Operating Theatre Lights…
  • 284 more words
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How to be Safe from Alcohol Testing

Most colleges and universities practiced alcohol testing. It will determine students who used to go to school under the influence of alcohol. It will provide safety among the other students. 390 more words

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How long before the Pre-Employment Drug Testing Result will be Release?

Waiting for pre-employment drug testing results can be tiresome for employers and applicant alike especially if the company needs to hire the applicant immediately because of the higher demand for the position. 378 more words

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Make Way For The New And Improved Mood Rings!

A new product has recently been put on the market unlike anything most consumers have ever seen. A company called “Thync” has created a wearable device which can alter your mood in as little as five minutes. 248 more words


Medical Oxygen Tank System (Oxygen Regulator and Oxygen Tank)

The “Oxygen Tank System” is mainly composed of the oxygen tank and the oxygen regulator. Some important parts are:

Oxygen tank – is a heavy metal tank that keeps the oxygen under pressure… 285 more words

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