Business Back In The U.S.

Manufacturers shipping their products across the seas from places like China has been a common trend for different industries in the past ten years. We are now starting to see shifts in this trend, especially for medical device companies. 196 more words


Breathe Easier

An oxygen concentrator is a device which concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply to supply an oxygen enriched gas mixture. Oxygen concentrators are extremely important because they do supply one of the essentials of life. 93 more words


LED Operating Theatre Lights – To Equip a Lifesaver

Doctors are lifesavers, which is the reason why people come to them with a hope that they will cure their disease. In order to meet their patient’s expectations, they have to work hard and analyze patients to suggest them of further treatment. 278 more words

Medical Equipment

What Is the Next Step For Medical Devices?

  • Research on making medical devices more self-sufficient and safer is occurring throughout the country
  • Battery testing and improvements can end the struggles of skin infections and other chemical side effects from implantable devices…
  • 20 more words

The Most Important Seat to Sit In

Exam chairs can be seen in a dentist office or at an eye clinic. The first thing that comes to mind with an exam chair is sitting straight up or leaning back. 125 more words


Efficent Technology In the New Medical World

The subject of implantable biomedical devices is one you may not be familiar with. Many of these devices are placed in peoples bodies and are powered small batteries and wires. 253 more words