Ole Jakobsen

Mr. Jakobsen is the owner and chief executive officer of Axlab A/S, which has been providing trusted medical equipment to hospitals and laboratories for more than two decades. 112 more words

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Choosing a Reliable Source of Medical Equipments Online

To furnish your medical labs with quality items, picking a dependable medical equipment supplier is critical. Dependable merchants offer a wide stock of driving brands of value medical equipment that would help labs guarantee that analytical procedures are performed precisely and productively. 414 more words

Medical Chair

Finding Reliable Supplier of Human Based Biological Products

The development and advancement in the field of medicines has made the task of confirming and testing humans for diseases easier. The biological products that are available in the market today are a evidence of the advancement in the field of science. 366 more words

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Matt Carns Sells Saunders 3D ActiveTrac Decompression Table At An Affordable Price

Matt Carns is a respected medical equipment dealer who supplies cosmetic and aesthetic lasers, X ray and ultrasound machines, spinal decompression tables, and a wide selection of diagnostic equipment. 286 more words

Matt Carns

What is a 10 Panel Drug Test?

A 10 panel drug test is a test that measures the presence of illegal drugs in the system and normally through urine drug testing. Most frequently the test is conducted in the medical laboratory testing center after a urine sample has been gathered. 355 more words

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