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Not ALL mainstream media is ignoring our side of the vaccination issue

On June 18, 2015, the Sacramento Bee, a major daily newspaper from California’s capital city, published an article about the funding push behind SB277 – legislation intended to take away parent’s rights to philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccination. 273 more words


Are those who want to mandate vaccines completely clueless?

by Meryl Dorey

My local newspaper, The Northern Star, ran the following article regarding the proposed punishments of law-abiding Australians trying to make informed choices for the protection of their children. 1,582 more words


There is nothing trendy about not vaccinating your child…

by Tasha David

Not vaccinating your child is not something you take lightly as a parent. The bombardment of vaccine propaganda is in your face everywhere you look and some are scared to even let others know that they don’t vaccinate because they don’t want their children to face the stigma of going against the crowd. 994 more words


Utah mother of five left isolated, bullied and threatened by community after not vaccinating child | Daily Mail Online

A Utah mother-of-five has been isolated in her community after receiving threats for not vaccinating her child.

During the national debate over measles and vaccines, Ursula Porter, of Salt Lake City, and her husband made it public that one of her kids has not been vaccinated. 42 more words


Why vaccinations are a religion

Forced vaccination is unconstitutional

by Rixta Francis

The self-proclaimed (and generally accepted) gold standard of the pharmaceutical industry is the double-blind,  placebo-controlled study (a placebo being a neutral, ineffective substance; in the case of vaccinations, a saline solution). 775 more words

Medical Bully-Boys

Is Segregation acceptable in Australia?

by Tasha David

The Australian just published an article stating that Dr Paul Willis from the Royal Institute of Australia (RiAus) believes that unvaccinated children should be isolated (segregated) in not only schools, but other public facilities as well. 949 more words

Medical Bully-Boys

There is no Anti-Vaccination Movement

It’s been 5 years since the mainstream media began writing about the “dangerous and misinformed anti-vaccination movement.” Who are the kooks in this crazy unhinged movement? 1,140 more words

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