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Secret for a secret- Episode 1

What you have all been waiting for… Stay tuned for episode 2 :)


Hva er jeg egentlig dømt for?

Siden det helt åpenbart er vanskelig for enkelte elementer å forholde seg til fakta i saken min, noe blant annet Øivind Bergh demonstrerte her i går… 292 more words


Fictional Friends are the Greatest Friends

Note: The conclusion contained within, as well as all other statements, are my own opinion. They are based on very little fact or reason, aside from what I feel personally and a few brief conversations with my mental health counselor. 639 more words


Why porn?

Words. I love them. I am addicted to exploring them, discovering new ones, finding old ones. I love analysing them. I love discovering their meaning. I love creating beautiful sentences, stringing words together like beads on a dazzling necklace. 721 more words