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Dicing with death: the sensational reporting of suicide and death to sell newspapers - Daisy Cooper

The daily newspapers in February made for sombre reading. There were five stories, comprising 13 articles, where editors used instances of suicide and death to sell papers. 2,103 more words

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Hacked Off: Launch of IPSO Watch initiative to monitor the work and decisions of IPSO

Six months on from the press regulator IPSO starting work, Hacked Off has launched “IPSO WATCH” to act as a voice for newspaper consumers who have complained about press coverage and got nowhere. 435 more words

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Nought For Your Comfort: Sir Alan Moses' speech to the LSE Media Policy Project - Jonathan Coad

When I read of the appointment of Sir Alan Moses to the vital role as chairman of IPSO, as a media lawyer I felt an inevitable sense of optimism.  1,437 more words

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Sir Alan Moses shows whose side he is on - Brian Cathcart

The chair of IPSO, the self-regulator set up by the big newspaper companies, delivered a lecture  last week at the London School of Economics on the future of press regulation. 1,558 more words

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Moses’ theory for IPSO: less independence, not more - Damian Tambini

Last week at the LSE Alan Moses offered a spirited and entertaining defence  of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). As a theoretical justification of his approach to IPSO however, it is dangerous, because he proposes a regulator that is far too enmeshed with the newspapers it should hold to account. 1,098 more words


What is BBFC? - An Introduction into Media Regulation

The BBFC is an abbreviation for the “British Board of Film Classification”. This is a non-governmental body, which has exercised responsbility over the cinema for just over 100 years. 314 more words

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Contemporary Media Regulation - Who should regulate?

Regulation as previously mentioned can be quite important to ensure that society is not affected by certain content. The question of who regulates is a different one, as we need to be able to trust the final judgement regulating a product. 303 more words

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