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Previously, the concept of Neo-AnthropoGenic Psychology, or NAG Psych, was considered as the natural outgrowth of a childhood filled with science fiction dreams and real science wonders. 651 more words

Neo-AnthropoGenic Psychology

Digital Media's Role in Overcoming Collective Trauma with Collective Action (Concept for Final Paper - Positive Psychology)

Jacqueline E. Green – Fielding Graduate University – November 3, 2014

This paper will explore the questions of what the media’s role in raising awareness about incidents involving police brutality and other issues of racial injustice in the United States. 884 more words

Remembering Dr. Stuart Fischoff by Rachel Fischoff

Stuart Fischoff, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Media Psychologist, American Psychological Association Fellow, writer, award-winning screenwriter, consultant, commentator and maybe the only person on the planet ( 1,113 more words


The "Smile" Board.

If you were approached by a stranger in the street carrying a board with the words “smile” written on it then what do you think your reaction would be? 214 more words

Critically Analyse

Feeding the Trolls: Part One

I’m starting to get my act together around my dissertation, which is on how people express aggression online, and how the online environment facilitates reinforcement or change of social norms. 1,188 more words

Human Development

Taking a look at Big Brother from the eyes of the Uses and Gratification theory

Big brother is a reality show known to have created much psychological debate as it may be considered by many as one big social experiment. In consideration to that, there are ways in which the field of media psychology has interpreted this, one being with usage of the ‘Uses and Gratification theory’. 195 more words

Critically Analyse