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Snowden files: Inside Waihopai's domes


Well.. we all know by know what goes on… and lord knows it’s been going on longer than most of us would care to admit to knowing to. 60 more words

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NSA hiding Equation spy program on hard drives


Not to be bios or anything ( cute pun ) but I do wonder just how far organizations like the NSA etc are willing to go to get their dirty little hands on our lives. 36 more words


3 Sudacas, "Tarde de Abril" - Live at the BIRN and more....


Music :)

Before I vanish into the wilderness in a  few days :)

Happy Holidays Everyone :) 










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Why The Republicans And The Tea Party Hate The Media

One of the functions of the media is to report the err in people’s ways. Being Capitalists, there is much err in the Republican’s and the Tea Party’s ways. 82 more words

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