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Computer for Apollo - Interesting Tech at Nasa
















Here’s an interesting look into computing past, mid 1960’s,

where the “space race” was using early computers, not long out of the

vacuum tube era… quite interesting stuff :) 30 more words

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MUSIC - Mika Nakashima

Well hello there my fluffies, it’s me, the Beardyman :)

It’s been a little while since i posted anything by Mika Nakashima…. and my previous post was.. 76 more words

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Abandoned Space Program in Russia


Here is a link, to a cool article about an abandoned space program, and photos.

the article links you back to the original blog post from whence it came also. 27 more words

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Man's poo delays Wellington tunnel opening


Wtf ?? LoL
I knew people in our capital were weird. .. but this is pure awesome :)

Goes to show.. you can never under estimate the power of a good poo :) … 44 more words

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Connecticut man calls 911 after cat attack

The Beardyman says… WTF??? :o

This is why I can’t sleep at night. . Constantly worrying about what will become of us in a world full of fear and pussies ..and I don’t mean the cat. 93 more words


What is Bill Gates and Monsanto up to ?


So ok, this might be digging around a bit and seeing a bit too much into nothing… or….

make your own decisions..


Today I was watching a Bill Gates interview about his relationship with Steve Jobs, and in that interview there was a tiny segment about Gates Fund that funds developments and what not, and it was mentioned that his company gave something around the $24million dollar mark as an investment to Monsanto to help fund its GMO projects… like.. 103 more words

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