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Silent chiraw

A well described re-interpretation is present on the project page. Here I’ll discuss the iteration that happened while building that installation.

So as I started thinking of how to best represent that dance form I started thinking of what is a unique act in the whole dance form of “Bamboo dance” and undoubtedly it was the synchronous clashing of bamboos which creates that aura. 676 more words

Building a Better Balance: The Future of PvE (As Far as We Know)

Continuing my series about where PvE stands, I’m moving from the release (and mostly current) situation and slow evolution of PvE to its future with Heart of Thorns, both as I can confirm based on statements, and what I can reasonably speculate. 1,946 more words


Building L5R Characters - Disadvantages

Can’t use the same system used for advantages in my post I’m too lazy to link, so here’s my disad system of scoring:


Scan your character sheet in and move on.  5,595 more words


Audi focuses on service

Always relevant because using a manufacturers official service outlets and original parts is a very important business for the company. The film is really well-made and looks great. 15 more words


Mark's First Contribution - Redux

Editor’s  note  

I know this is not next Tuesday, but this is Mark’s  second contribution, not his first. You see how  hard it  is  to follow  this blog. 549 more words

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Dragons of Tarkir - The Mechanics

Whenever I release a spoiler analysis, I like to dig deep into the implications of the mechanics of the set. However, I often feel like I’m cramming that section in at the end of an already long article, and I thought it would be smart to put together a blog post where I analyze the mechanics for a set as the set comes out. 3,134 more words