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Centring the Town Hall

I didn’t have the habit to centre my Command Centre to the middle of the screen, but I think there are benefits in doing so. This is something I will add to my game play, and you should too. 527 more words


[Theory] Getting Dizzy over Stun

The fighting game genre, over time, has developed mechanics that have become mainstays of core design. Basic movement is always present along with the attack/defense triangle of strike/block/throw. 2,949 more words



Opening note. Press key. Begin. Breath in. Go. All starts start with a start so here it is. Slipping, sloping downwards, racing away. Momentum. Power. Accumulation. 35 more words

Time Freeze : Progress and other gameplay features

I am close to finish a prototype that implements the time freeze mechanic that will be used for Empyreum Ascension. I decided to add a couple of other gameplay elements that would also be present in the game, such as taking cover and hacking machines. 79 more words


Is The Bucket Of Nuts And Bolts You Drive Sentient?

It doesn’t matter what means of transportation you use to get around, you’re at the mercy of mechanisms.

Mechanics – and I’m not talking about the guys and gals that spin the wrenches at your local repair shop – is all about the parts of a particular gadget which have been envisioned by one or a group of our fellow hominids, then painstakingly manufactured and assembled for sale to the rest of us terrestrials. 339 more words


Datsun Love

If I had to blame anyone, it would be my Dad.

Back in the mid-1970’s, it was Dad who introduced me to a series of small cars, all foreign makes, just as I began my classes in Driver’s Education. 276 more words