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Meathead of the Month - April 1995

This month’s honorary Meathead is the eminent professional wrestler, strongman, powerlifter, rugby player, Highland Games athlete, MMA fighter, and actor: Nathan Jones.

Nathan is not only a 6’11”, 330 pound… 228 more words



Meathead Monologues  now has a Youtube channel; subscribe for lifting, shooting and bass/vocal play-through videos.


So, you think your life is “interesting”? Part 3

I was educated as an engineer, and I have spent the last 29 years trying to be one (full disclosure: since I am being laid off just two months short of 30 years with the same company, I am evidently not a very good one). 608 more words

Übermeathead's Guide to Elitism

If you are a Meathead, you are elite.  You are the big fish in the little pond of your gym; a prowling, swole tiger shark among confused shrimp wearing lifting-gloves.   349 more words


Adam, meet Laura

On July 18, 2014, reserve police officer Laura Weintraub made a “funny” video in which she mocked cyclists and encouraged running them down.

Last week, Adam Parks of… 2,233 more words


Lost in fitness 

this is going to be a rant of sorts as I do my second cardio session today.

Yesterday I sat on Twitter – received a Direct message from a young woman who was mad I made some commens about planet fitness being a less than credible gym; saying how her boyfriend can “do more than most meat heads” alluding to the general stereotyping of men who seemingly know nothing but iron plates and chicken breast. 570 more words

Meathead of the Month - March 403BCE

Every month an especially eminent Meathead will be honored on this site.  The first Meathead of the Month, for January 2015 is Socrates.

Socrates was not only a pioneer of philosophical dialogue and the tutor to Plato, he was an accomplished warrior and athlete as well. 249 more words