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Small Change, Big Difference

In our writing and many other areas of life changing a small detail or two can have big results.

Take a look at this picture… 695 more words


Tarotbytes: The Empress

Seeing natural beauty isn’t just about pretty scenery in the great outdoors. It’s about letting go of what we want things to be and finding the beauty in things just as they are. 18 more words



Retrouvailles (French) – Retrouvailles, or “rediscovery,” refers to the happiness you feel upon reuniting with someone after you’ve been apart for a long time. 1,191 more words

Watching The Clouds Roll By. Wondering.

The World of Story

Beneath the entertainment and diversion of narrative and art lies a great power – the power to tell a truth or truths. Many of us would watch a film or read a book for an escape from the real world, but there are in fact much greater and deeper purpose to story and art. 168 more words

The Art Of Narrative

Tilting at Windmills

This expression comes from the novel Cervantes’ novel about the ageing gentleman-dreamer Don Quixote. It is a parable about folly, delusion, morality and outdated ideals in a changing world (and more). 92 more words



I feel important, you bet I do.

I know I’m less, much less than you.

I don’t let it get to me, just letting you know. 11 more words


Goodbye for now --- but WAIT, WAIT, not yet!

Well, here’s a perfect ending to a perfect (in its own way) experience here on WordPress.com.

In my haste, I posted my blog’s farewell a bit prematurely last night, trying to meet my self-imposed deadline. 110 more words