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A Musical, a TV show and a Children's Book Walked into a Blog....

Today I want to talk about “Into the Woods,” Harry Potter, “Breaking Bad” and why these stories point us toward greater meaning and purpose in life. 982 more words



I do not understand. I cannot tell who is real, or who is imagined. I tell myself that it does not matter, but it does. I tell him that the book is strange, but I cannot say why; I tell her I will write to her about it, but I cannot begin. 494 more words


Existential Musing

I have been procrastinating again.  There is a big paper looming and I am finding it hard to get stuck in.  When I let my mind wander to places it probably shouldn’t, I often discover words or phrases that seem profoundly important .  88 more words


The Importance of Stories

There is a question every student asks at some point during their schooling. Why can I remember the lyrics of my favourite song and the plot lines of my favourite sitcom but not the important facts I am trying to memorise for this exam? 422 more words

Seize the Beauty of Today

Time moves too fast. Can’t believe it’s midway through the fourth month of the year. I hope I’m doing this thing right. This life. I sometimes wonder if I have a direction and whether it is good to have one. 682 more words


The Stigma & the Elephant

Everyone feels anxiety at one point or another. Whether it is triggered by public speaking, flying in an airplane or having a job interview, everybody experiences it to some extent throughout their life. 469 more words


Finding our Being..

As human souls, we have a tendency to seek out happiness in accomplishments; its absence for a while we associate with sorrow. We seek to change the fabric of which we form just a part, a single note of a beautiful orchestra, the melody of which is threatened to be marred by a single wrong note. 122 more words