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here and gone

here is but a time
and borrowed at best
shared with the world
as divinity’s guest

something of promise
of purpose unknown
a seed grown to shade… 49 more words


Waiting on the Doorstep

I was sat in my recliner watching Real Housewives when the meaning of life rang my doorbell. I could see out the window, it wore a white suit and a Fedora that was angled just so. 63 more words


Nothing More To Learn

This is the beginning of Truth
Truth does not care what you think
Be still and you will hear
Walk as a babbling fool
Cast yourself into the deep waters of the soul… 80 more words


The Deception of Perception

Were you to ask me if I were an optimist or a pessimist or whether the glass is either half full or half empty, I’d get very quiet, very thoughtful, smile and tell you, “Yes.”  To this, you’d probably say, “Well which is it?”  I’d smile again and say that my views on such things may seem to represent an irreconcilable dichotomy or even a paradox. 932 more words

Secrets Of Life

Chartan in the Parking Lot

(Last week: Chartan and Brazil ordered breakfast at a coffee shop where they meet Gina, an alluring waitress.)

Chartan stood in the parking lot sandwiched between a beat-up Ford pickup and the Chevy. 276 more words

Meaning Of Life


I believe in the Mystery
I believe in awe and wonder
the Mystery made self-evident in our souls
I believe in Trust
that a trusted man will act nobly… 68 more words