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Chartan and the Proposal

(Last week: Chartan and Brazil admit to their confusion in parking lot until Gina leads them back into the coffee shop.)

“What are you running from?” 281 more words

Meaning Of Life

In contemplation

Contemplation means admiring something and thinking about it. Contemplation was an important part of the philosophy of Plato; Plato thought that through contemplation the soul may ascend to knowledge of the form of the good or other divine Forms. 52 more words



We may have felt lost at some point in our lives. Either having a feeling of walking in the dark or just being completely lost; not being able to find our way. 382 more words


Hard to swallow

I often wonder if I met someone from another world or a parallel universe what I would find difficult explaining to them. It’s a nice yardstick for checking myself in relation to life. 259 more words


The meaning of life.

What is the meaning of life?

I guess that is a question that when seriously asked, with the absolute intention of finding out what the actual answer is, one has to sift through many mystical answers and proverbs. 483 more words


Society is like a passing shadow, it takes courage not get swept away by its magnetizing images,society propaganda is to survive on illusion, the shadows on the wall sole purpose is to captivate us in such a state to which we have  no desire to turn around to see the truth, we have been condition to be very fearful of the unknown, so many of us prefer the placebo pills, We are unknown prisoners to ourselves.  37 more words