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How long to live? Only 15 minutes?!

PHOEF SUTTON author of Fifteen Minutes to Live published by Brash books on May 5th 2015.



  1. Can you tell your readers something about why you chose this particular topic to write about?
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The Red Chair

The kids on the block called him “old man Peterson” out of respect for his generosity at Halloween when he sat on his front porch in an oversized red chair and passed out candy and pennies to every trick or treater. 288 more words

Meaning Of Life

Deep thoughts and civet coffee

Civet coffee.

Pretty much this animal eats the coffee and when the coffee beans go through it people collect the poo and they make coffee out of it and people like me drink it… 98 more words


lately i’ve been coming on here and opening a post and just staring at it.

i don’t know how to express how i’ve been feeling… and i certainly can’t find the words to try. 510 more words

Sib's Haiku of the Day #80

Life passes on and
imprints remain in our hearts.
In time, they pass, too.

Copyright © 2015, by J. Sibley Law


What goes through my head when I think about the meaning of life.

None of us can choose every thought that comes into our head. However sometimes we are in a position to make choices about which thoughts, feelings and behaviours we want to encourage. 46 more words