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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was Nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by my great friend Life of Mon <3

THANK YOU!!!!  :) Take a few moments to explore her blog: … 193 more words



She comes in many forms, but I always know her. She is not the beauty of her face or the color of her hair, but she is the intangible cloth of character that cannot be touched by mortal hands.


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One of my very first own friends on this blogging journey. He is awesome!! :D

Dipende dal destino

Tutto dipende
dagli eventi in atto
al mischiarsi
di sogni
e volontà
cercano strade
per giungere
verso altri confini.

Antonio De Simone

Eng_Everything depends… 31 more words


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I love how his words, speak whispers from a place near home...

Bored With "Said"? Try This Instead

Okay, apparently I’m enjoying quick lists and bright colors! I love the short bursts of useful tips that you can use in your writing area. Said is one of the most common words in writing, so here are 100 different ways to write it. 14 more words


Menopause? Now!? Really!?!

Yes, Really! At the ripe young age of 48 I am heading into menopause. Don’t ask if it is peri-menopause or menopause. I have been too paralysed with fear to do any intelligible research. 916 more words


Morning Meanderings.... Day 45 and Waiting for Sunshine

Tuesday.  Mornings are hard and they start early.  I usually wake up between 4 and 5 am these days.  It is not ideal as it just makes the day… 194 more words

Morning Meanderings

Morning Meanderings.... Current Randomness

Sunday.  Yesterday made six weeks since my life changed forever.  There are days I want to write… I open up a new post… and then I walk away. 384 more words

Morning Meanderings