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No Prep Dinner - Chicken and Broccoli

After traveling all weekend and not being able to meal prep, sometimes you gotta make due with what you have.

4.5 oz pre cooked fajita chicken… 11 more words


TaylorMade Caribbean Chicken

Hello Lovelies!!!! ☺️ I had to come and share this quick and yummy recipe with you all. I’m always looking for ways to reinvent dishes that I’ve either had or seen somewhere. 784 more words


Salmon Salad


– 1 cup arugula.

– 3 teaspoon Sesame seeds.

– 5 slices of smoked salmon.

– 6 slices of a cucumber.

– half avocado. 14 more words

Fitness And Health

A Hip, Squats and Carbs

The original plan for today was a bit of a de-load for the squats in anticipation of my last heavy deadlift at the end of this week; however, Monday’s squats never seem to have an impact on Friday’s deadlifts, so we played it by ear and worked our way up. 553 more words



15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.–Romans 12:15 NIV

​It appears that most of us do a decent job of mourning with others in times of the loss of life of a loved one.   282 more words


On the Menu: Summer Slackers

My backyard garden is still offering up lettuce on the regular, there’s about 12 baby cucumbers growing in the back corner, and the tomato plants are a few inches taller than me – all of which implies that Summer is officially here!  368 more words

Salad Challenge

I dearly believe that children watch you, learn from you, and mimic you.  With that said, I want to be a great influence for them. Some days, my patience wears thin as I feel tired and worn out, but I strive to be an image for them that I hope will create great thinkers, adventurers, cooks, friends, and generally good people. 310 more words