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Back at it!

Today I did my first workout since my operation. It’s been two long months and it felt so good to dust off my trainers and head to the gym as soon as the twins went down for their afternoon nap and my mum arrived to take over with the child care. 377 more words

Me Time

The Wonder Woman Challenge - Day one

Clearly less stupid than the Kylie Jenner (bruised) lip challenge. Promised.

I started in fact yesterday evening, after posting my blogpost.

I opened my fridge and got all lean proteins and veggies I had and started cutting, cooking, pealing… I took me 45 minutes, and during this time, I made myself 10 balanced and healthy meals : 2x Quinoa with smoked salmon and avocado, 2x tomato salad with tuna and onions, 2x cucumber salad with ginger, lime and fresh goat cheese, 2x melon with prosciutto and 2x lettuce with roasted chicken. 526 more words


Antwerp ten miles

  Yesterday I participated in the Antwerp Ten Miles. I finished in 1h33min. And I’m very proud about it, since the trail was really hard at some points.


Sometimes we have shit days.

Sometimes we have shit days. The other day was one of those for me. You know the drill … wake up with a thumper of a headache for no apparent reason. 651 more words

'Me' Time

First Daily Tip: April 27th, 2015

On top of my other posts, I have added a new segments. Every day (or almost every day), I will give you one random tip. It could be anything from makeup to hair care to school to skin care and everything in between. 75 more words


This spider is indispensable

My son started at a French immersion school last year. On his first day of school, my French was limited to “Where is the bathroom?” and “Do you want to go to bed with me?” (thanks Moulin Rouge). 373 more words

Just For Fun

Mother's Day and what I think it should be

A few weeks back, our teletubby, Dipsy had a baby. Now Dipsy was gifted to Re by my dear friend Roshni and has been with us for five years, and is still one of the most cared-for dolls we have. 677 more words