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I am feeling burnt out and tired, I mean yeah I love being preoccupied with something/s but, when it gets to the point where “me-time” gets affected, it becomes a bit too personal, because my me-time is highly ranked, and taken very seriously. 202 more words

Me Time

Rebellious Locks

Unless you’re gifted with unimaginable perfect flowing locks, hair won’t be much of a problem to you. But for people with naturally dry, frizzy hair, as for experience, it’s all about investing much of our time and pay (really) just to tame these unruly strands of dark matter. 290 more words


The Highs and Lows of Escape

I got back yesterday from a really bloody brilliant weekend. My cousin got married and it was a much anticipated, wonderful weekend of celebrations. I got to stay in a hotel room on my own, spend time with my lovely extended family and have bucket loads of fun-filled, drink-filled, child-free frolics. 1,157 more words

Me Time

Who Am I?

Things that I know about myself.

  1. I’m 20 years old
  2. I’m currently studying law at University
  3. I’m single
  4. I have a dog
  5. Chocolate Food is my weak point.
  6. 777 more words

Calming The Troubled Waters Of My Mind

Sometimes you need to find an activity that calms your mind, gives you that break from reality and allows you a few precious moments to re-group your thoughts. 478 more words

Sunrise on A Rainy Day

Technically, the title speaks for itself. It’s been raining non-stop since last night and I tell you, it’s one helluvah paradise for a pluviophile as me! 298 more words


Mommie Time Apps: Songza

Hi lovely ladies!

Welcome to the first post of the “Favorite Me-time apps” series!
In this series, I will present my favorite apps of the moment for when you want to spend a little time on yourself and forget about everything that needs to be done! 254 more words