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The 3-Part Facebook Challenge

Recently I got drunk on my porch and came up with a Facebook challenge. Anyone who smokes cigars knows how much it sucks to smoke alone – the whole purpose of smoking a cigar is to ponder and pontificate – and, alone that day but for my characteristically uninterested cats, I told myself I had to make something out of my smoke break – something that had the potential to make the world a little better. 194 more words

Me Time + App Review

Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to talk about “me time” only because it feels so nice to take just a moment for yourself. I find that when I want some “me time” I do one of two things, I either read or I meditate. 290 more words

5 Reasons I Fell (and Stayed) in Love with Hot Yoga

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Good morning! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far…we’re half way to Friday, YAY! Today I’m going to focus on yoga. 818 more words


A small author's explaination

Fighting is natural around my home, it is always happening, anger and saddness that is. I have never realized until now how much darkness that one simple action can cause. 94 more words



I went down to the beach this morning. It was 5AM when I eased my pregnant bulk out of bed, dressed, and quietly left the apartment. 683 more words


Me Time

I’m a social person. I love people, my relationships with family members and friends are strong, and going out is fun for me. People who know me well laugh because I’m always the one who makes new friends and wants to continue talking all night whenever we go out. 421 more words