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Fat Girl Diaries: But God.

Fat. I am fat.

Automatically the connotation of that one little word has many of you readers shifting around uncomfortably in your seat, readying your fingers to type the oh-so-cliche words: “You are beautiful!” “You just do you.” “You’re not fat!” “You were made that way. 564 more words

Me, Myself, And I

50 Reasons Why I am Travelling Solo


  1. My best friend is myself
  2. I am single
  3. I am lazy
  4. I can read directions, maps and signage


  1. I can walk, run, climb and even jump…
  2. 600 more words

Let It Go

Judulnya mancing banget ga ya? :D
Tapi itu yang kurasakan ketika membuang barang-barang yang selama ini aku pikir berguna… ternyata hanya menjadi sampah memenuhi lemari dan laciku. 826 more words

Me Myself And I

Chart data 3/24/2015

Latest chart data.  Still haven’t been able to get up early and meditate.  I need to break out of this sleeping pill habit.  It’s really hindering my waking up on time which means I need more coffee to get going.   156 more words

Me, Myself, And I

I've tried...

…to start up blogs in the past.  Plenty of times.  I’ve started them and stopped because I get so into the end game of how a blog comes about, I don’t bother with the beginning or middle.   262 more words

Me Myself And I

Just Like A Pendulum

Next week I and Kaspars are flying to Switzerland for 5 days. It is going to be awesome! :) Kaspars first time flying and our first trip together all alone to another country just for two of us. 84 more words

Me, Myself And I

Me? A nerd? Nah.

When it comes to identifying migraine triggers and mood patterns I often hear the recommendation to start a journal to keep track of things.  I never really liked the idea because it seemed hard to actually identify such patterns.   132 more words

Me, Myself, And I