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love story (?)

i’m a crazy reader. and not the educational or political stuff. but on novels. and not that i’m actively seeking but i’m a hopeless romantic and i actually want a romance story for myself involving bits and pieces on mostly everything i read. 132 more words

Me & Me & Me

No! I don't think "Gummy Bill" is a good nickname! At all!

So one of my molars shattered Monday night and I’ve been a bit distracted since then.

I’ve also been practicing my from-the-hip shooting. Here’s the image that turned out the best. 681 more words


April weather

I hate April weather. I really, truly, hate it.

Sun, blue skies and +15 degrees one day. Rain, hail and +5 degrees the next. Please, can’t we just fast forward, skip to May instead? 140 more words

Me Me Me

7 online dating liars we all meet eventually

According to the Mirror, a recent survey claims a staggering amount of people lie on first dates. 37% of women lie about their age and 29% of men lie about their wage, for starters. 1,037 more words

Dating 101

It's my party, I can grump if I want to!

I’m feeling pretty negative about humanity today. It comes from having access to the internet. No doubt about that. Murderous cops. Bigoted pizza store owners. Assholes stumbling over themselves to give them piles of cash because they’re assholes. 184 more words



Well, I did it! I started a blog. I’ll flesh this thing out more later, most definitely when I move. But I still needed a space to ~talk about my feelings~ so I decided to create this now. 1,484 more words

Compliment Yo Self


So I’m moving again. I guess it was just a matter of time, because staying with my sister forever was never an option. Even though some people obviously thought so. 185 more words

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