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4.5 Months of Frugal Living: An Update

Early this year, I decided I wanted to pay of my debt, an idea motivated by none other than moneyvangelist Dave Ramsey. Although I am not particularly fond of the man, I have to admit his debt payoff plan inspired some changes in the way I deal with finances. 415 more words

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Glossybox: May 2015

So here I go with the review of my May Glossybox! After seeing a few other unboxing pictures on Instagram I became aware that my product line up differs slightly to most other peoples’ and if I’m honest this is the main reason that I’m not quite as enamoured with this month’s box as usual, but I still like a couple of the items inside. 808 more words


Not Not Drinking, just not drinking

We’re now in May, so it’s now been 16 (and a half) months since I gave up drinking for, er, three months. While the initial 12 months of Not Drinking were trickier, the last 4 (and a half) months of just not drinking hasn’t actually been difficult at all – there’s definitely a huge difference between Not Drinking and I Could Have A Drink If I Wanted But I’m Not Going To. 1,476 more words

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Last Day: A Written Account Of My Last Moments With My Sister

“You should write about this…” she said, her voice like gravel on a back country road. “…about what we are talking about right now.”

She looked at me then. 1,505 more words

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A Little Self-Promotion Never Hurt Anyone

Have you all gotten your copy of PAGE-TURNER yet? It’s a really amazing piece of fiction, even if I may say so myself. It’s not like I’m biased or anything. 343 more words

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The Perils of Late Afternoon Coffee in Old Age

When I was young (29) I could drink coffee any time of day or night without suffering any consequences. Now that I’m old (30) this is no longer the case. 57 more words

Me, Me, Me


It has been a pretty rocky year. The one area of my life that has been turned inside-out has then affected work, home, health and relationship. 489 more words

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