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Down Under? Oy!

I spent the last week with sis and company. We spent three full days enjoying the beach in North Carolina followed by a couple of days in Northern Virginia. 1,118 more words


Seamstress, dressmaker, sewer or needlewoman

I have read the Seamstress now I have read Posie Graeme Evans‘ book The Dressmaker. It is the first historical fiction I have read in the last couple of months.   194 more words


I certainly had a romanticised notion of working and living on a station/farm when I first started out...

I snickered to myself when one of my sisters remarked that my life was like McLeod’s Daughters.

To them, my endless Instagram and Facebook spam of my rural photography encompasses my full farming experience. 415 more words


More Netflix streaming goodies, and I checked, they are still there*

Luther: Oh Idris Elba, I first fell for you in a big way when you were that nasty but so very attractive drug-dealing bastard Stringer Bell on… 948 more words