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Finally Summer Time !!

The hot days are here, oh the joys…. seriously I rather be in Alaska as it is much more fresh and very cold, but at least you have fresh air. 303 more words


Switch - The Opening Night

Last night was amazing! Both of our rooms were flooded with people and everyone seemed to be enjoying our work. People were also going through our portfolios and taking business cards. 183 more words


Week Four - The Final Touches

So, only three days are left until the opening of the exhibition and here’s a recap of all the stuff we did during the last three days. 392 more words


Wall Mural/ Posters

The graphic design team, have finally printed the posters for the wall mural, the is basically a collection of our works, these posters where printed using the schools plotter, they where cut into separate cubes yesterday and where stuck on the Mdf wall this morning, due to poor calculation we have a problem, a small section is untouched and need to be arranged. 79 more words

Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl floor has finally been installed, the whole floor area required exactly 4 rolls, each of which extends up to 15 meters over all. there are a few worries about scratching the floor, especially for those ladies who will be wearing high heels on the opening night. 22 more words

Finally the Stands

The workshop team have finally completed the portfolio stands, composed of MDF wood painted black and given a white top lid. The stands have been finalised and placed with in the portfolio room, attaching a perspex card holder to obviously place our business cards.