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Glasgwegian Higher Educational Institutions provide syllabi for MCAST - so is MCAST British now?

The (fake) American University of Malta will be run using courses purchased from Chicago’s DePaul University, hence the ‘American’ in the name. Would it surprise you to know that the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology will be updating its syllabi, teaching and learning resources for its courses through Scottish Education Institutions, but will not have its name changed to British College of Arts, Science and Technology? 471 more words


Why the new American university project will have a positive economic impact on Malta. And my recommendations to capitalize on this.

I will not get into the environmental aspect of the new university in r. This is a topic that needs to be discussed but not here. 818 more words

Economic Development

The 'South' - Seriously?

As expected, the (fake) American University of Malta will be built on ODZ public natural land. Even though the public clearly does not want this, the government insists because the university has to be in the ‘South’ of Malta. 725 more words


Nautical Licence

Important NoticeĀ 

Small Ships RegisterĀ 

Transport Malta notifies that with immediate effect and until 31st December 2015, the Certificates issued by the MCAST Maritime Institute in 2015 are considered as equivalent to the official Nautical Licence issued by Transport Malta. 230 more words



m:cast – PRshow 002

Aphex Twin – I

Mixmaster Morris & Pete Namlook – Hymn

Global Communication – 12:18

Global Communication – Epsilon Phase

Sun Electric – Lichterfelde… 19 more words

M:cast Radio


m:cast – PRshow 001

Beaumount Hannant – Utuba

Autechre – Montreal

B12 – Infinite Lites

Mark Franklin – Release to the System

LFO – Ultra Schall… 23 more words

M:cast Radio


m:cast – Chewy Chooseday Mix

The Black Dog – Transmission Start

The Black Dog – Train By The Autobahn

The Black Dog – Riphead v9… 10 more words

M:cast Radio