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Всем привет.

Прошло еще две недели с последнего поста. Новости за это время:

  • Прошерстил крупные IT компании, которые могли бы торговаться с дисконтом.
  • Дочитал книги: Value Investing от Bruce Greenwald, The Dhandho Investor от Mohnish Pabrai, One Up On Wall Street от Peter Lynch.
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The foreign MBA stereotypes

Until yesterday, I always cringed and vehemently argued with people who stereotyped Indians pursuing an MBA outside of India as “Foreign MBA a**holes. Here in Jakarta, I travel to work in an air-conditioned Avanza with a private chauffeur on a road (highly overstating here) with some pukka and kuccha houses on either side interspersed with piles of garbage and sewage. 379 more words


Mr. Overachiever

I met Mr. Overachiever on OkCupid.  He opened with a joke about bschool, which prompted me to look at his profile.  He said he went to Boston (read: Harvard) for both undergrad and MBA, and put it this way – this is a unicorn on OkCupid. 349 more words

Correlation between learning styles and sport styles or: the loneliness of a long distance runner

One of the hypotheses I recently made (but yet need to find corroborating stats for) was that there might be a connection between the learning styles of a long distance runner vs. 241 more words

Early One Morning

An hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after.

The early bird catches the worm.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. 719 more words


Learning Spanish: Progress Report

I am halfway done with my first set of Spanish CDs. I do not feel very confident in my actual ability to communicate yet. I am hoping that as I continue I will outlast “the dip” and reach a point of critical mass where I can participate in a conversation. 80 more words


RAGGIN' MMS (Magnificent Managment Schools)

What’s with the Indian education system? Is it so hard to teach and train students to bring about a work-life balance change once they join an office. 425 more words