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Mayday Parade Finish New Album

Mayday Parade has finished their new album, according to a tweet from a band! There is no release date set yet but one could be expected to be announced within the next couple of months. 7 more words


Midnight Soundtrack

If, like me, you’re up at midnight doing homework, coursework or even just staring at your social networking page aimlessly, you probably have headphones in. 220 more words


Gigs to look forward to: Mayday Parade and Yellowcard

Yellowcard and Mayday Parade are pop-punk bands from America.

Yellowcard was formed in Jacksonville, Florida, 1997. They have released 9 studio albums and bring a fascinating twist to pop-punk music by having a violinist in their band blending it into their music it creates a sound that goes perfectly with their sound and gives it that extra kick that makes them awesome. 83 more words


Since it’s finally the first day of May, I thought I would share what music I’ve been listening to recently!

SONGS:                                                                                             ALBUMS:

1.  Killer Whales – Smallpools                                                       1. 84 more words


Hold on to Me.

as i am on the 3 day of knowing my boyfriend isn’t sure about how he feels about me… i am anxious and sad and maybe soon to be heart broken.   640 more words

5 "Aha!" Moments of My Musical Life

Music has been home to me for as long as I can remember. I spend a good chunk of my free time (and money) going to see live shows. 687 more words


My best friend in my head is...

I use to watch Girl Code and Guy Code all the time and I always wanted to do the “best friend in my head” thing. So I’m going to do that! 108 more words

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