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Old School Record Review #35- The Invisible World

This week on Old School record Review, The Invisible World Skyped into the show to talk about their EP, Welcome to the Invisible World. Please support them in their fundraising efforts to get them to music week in Austin, Texas later this month. 50 more words


I really, really, really like this song.

Okay, so we all know who Carly Rae Jepsen is right? I must admit when I first heard Call Me Maybe I fell in love with her voice and how perfectly pop the song was. 306 more words



The Six Steps for Accepting Energy Failure

That’s a nicer way of saying “I’m tired”. “A lot”. “Often”.

Just when you think you have recovered from cancer surgery, just when you have finished your chemo and radiation treatments, and just as you feel ready to roll, ready to roar; you may find that fatigue is bigger than you are. 805 more words

Heart Matters

Physical Artefacts You Can Put Your Hand Right Through

Ebola is about




We’re in 4 years deep (up to our ears, cheeks and chin)

Do they know? I think not;

but how much have they really been told? 130 more words


What ifs 

My latest crisis is apparently a common one.  I am freaking out about how real life has gotten.  I can see how every action I take legitimately affects my future and it scares me to death. 316 more words


Cloud friend.

It is rare to find a friend
And even rarer to find a friend whom
you do not mistake to be less or more than one. 188 more words


Maybe Someday

” I am in a foreign state,
My words they slip away
My thoughts are leaving me,
They’ve caught an aeroplane
Because I thought of you, 290 more words