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How Apocalypto Relates to the News

When I watch the news I often think of the movie Apocalypto.   This is a Mel Gibson directed movie that deals with the Mayans.  The movie is an insane spectacle filled with ideas and blood.  376 more words

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Music Adaptation from “La Cumparsita” by G. Rodriguez

Lyrics: MAYANs

As far back as 500 B.C.

Mayans built and ruled many cities

In the jungles of Guatemala… 79 more words

The Body Cacao: The Intrinsic Link Between Cacao and the Physical Human Body

Cacao and the physical aspect of humanity have been intrinsically connected throughout recorded history and plays out as a recurring theme in the ancient texts, artifacts, and current evidence, to the point they are notable and essential, if not interdependent. 993 more words

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Day Tripping to Chichen Itza

My stay at Nizuc last week brought with it a surprise visit to Chichen Itza. Seeing the historic Mayan city wasn’t on our agenda, but with it being a two-hour drive away and having never been there before, it seemed shameful not to make the effort. 125 more words



When you come right down to it, life is about decisions. We are constantly deciding on a course of action, and dealing with the results. Many decisions are simple; … 436 more words