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Shutter Island (2010)

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It is 1954, in the Boston Harbour Islands. A ferryboat emerges from a thick mist, as belowdecks a man is puking his guts out. 626 more words

"RUSH HOUR 3" (2007) Review

“RUSH HOUR 3″ (2007) Review

Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan and director Brett Ratner reunite after six years to film the third installment in the “RUSH HOUR”. 633 more words

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Counting down the 222 days until The Force Awakens on December 18, 2015.

In the days leading up to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,  121 more words

Star Wars

The Ultimate Warrior (Robert Clouse 1975)

and so anyway it turns out the best thing about The Ultimate Warrior (1975) is not the moment when a young mother, safe within Max Von Sydow’s fortified compound,  decides to sneak out into the violent gang-filled streets of post-apocalyptic Manhattan in search of powdered milk rumoured to be hidden in a nearby derelict bakery, nor is it her decision that the best way to do so is to leave via the front door (er, portcullis) with her given-to-squalling infant on her back, but her decision that the best time to do so is under the cover of broad daylight


Possible Star Wars: The Force Awakens Plot Details

This news comes from an anonymous source on reddit, so take anything you read here with a grain of salt as it could be completely false. 384 more words


Swedes taking over Star Wars?

With the release of the trailers for both Episode VII and the upcoming sequel to the awesome Star Wars Battlefront games, I suddenly realized that Swedes has had a substantial influence on the development of both of these additions to the Star Wars universe. 253 more words