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Maven : JWS02 - Adding a Controller and View to your Hello World Java Web Application

Now we are going to add a controller and view to our Hello World java web application.

Demo Environment

Spring MVC Tutorial

Spring MVC Tutorial

This tutorial is about a simple sample project utilizing Spring 4 MVC framework to build a maven style web application based on java 7. 3,168 more words


Stress reducing tools and methodologies

A brief list of things that made me a better developer and a less anxious person.

Test Driven Development: Even if nobody in your team is doing TDD and your manager thinks it is just building a servlet for each back end Web Service, you can start applying TDD today and become a better developer. 672 more words

"Getting Started with Oracle Maven Repository" from the OTN Virtual Technology Summit

Whew!  The third and final broadcast of the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Technology Summit just finished with the APAC broadcast a few minutes ago.  If you missed it – I had a session called “Getting Started with the Oracle Maven Repository” which shows you how to use our new repository.  37 more words

Redirecting Maven transfer messages to a file

One thing that is often bothering me about Maven is the extensive logging of download messages. Usually I am not interested in these messages unless something is really wrong, and then it is important to know, which URLs are accessed for download. 450 more words


Automatisation du cycle de vie des applications : du développement au déploiement

La mise en place progressive de méthodes d’automatisation a  permis d’automatiser complètement le cycle de vie des applications,  depuis le développement jusqu’au déploiement. Nous verrons dans cet article les changements que cela implique, et quels sont les avantages que l’on a à automatiser l’ensemble du cycle. 833 more words
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TestNG: Building and Run using maven and command prompt

As per the official website, TestNG is a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing (testing a class in isolation of the others) to integration testing (testing entire systems made of several classes, several packages and even several external frameworks, such as application servers) 257 more words