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Relationship Advice.....

The worst advice to ask for is any advice dealing with a relationship. You can not ask someone to give you advice on something that is so subjective. 154 more words

The Obedience Devotional Launches Tomorrow

Paul doesn’t approach Titus and Timothy with a dictum of do’s and don’ts, but he weaves opportunities for obedience into the fabric of his carefully written letters. 159 more words


Facets and Choices

It is crazy to think that in a little over a week I will be graduating from high school and officially starting a new season of my life. 677 more words

Pornography Follow up...

Some additional thoughts taken from my response to an email regarding my previous post:

I think that a truly transparent church that actively seeks to prevent instead primarily react to the problems of our society and those hidden within the church itself is what I am referring to. 296 more words


Maturity through Obedience

We are in a series called maturity in our ever shifting atmosphere.  Last time we explored God-given maturity through relationship. Today we explore maturity through obedience in an ever shifting atmosphere. 480 more words


The Blame Game, Poetry by Gun Roswell

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise” Sigmund Freud

Genre: Life, Growing Up, Maturity

The Blame Game

When you are a lying
On that sofa… 148 more words


Setting Boundaries!

“Setting boundaries with people creates respect and makes us feel secure and loved!”

When we set boundaries, we allow ourselves & others to have a chance to identify & respect each other needs, feelings, opinions and rights. 140 more words

Life Skills