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The Strength In Vulnerability

Last week Mtuseni was chatting with me about City Year and how much he was enjoying it — and I told him how happy that made me. 378 more words

Filling in the Gaps

Recently, I became enchanted with counted cross stitch…again. And in my enchantment, I pulled out my supplies and came across several unfinished projects…some rather recent, others not so much. 892 more words


Maturity is So Overrated

I make this claim boldly, though as all of you know by now, I have never supped of maturity myself. I simply rely on the expertise of my betters who  142 more words

Human Nature

Hensōjutsu (Disguise & Impersonation)

Last week we talked about Ninjas that don’t feel worthy. But then I thought, what about the Ninjas who think they are worthy? These Ninjas often perceive themselves as selfless givers that deserve your time, attention and affection. 735 more words


Am I Living a Wide Open Life?

This is my question as I reflect on the series that has just been preached at Xcel.

Believing in God brings me into a whole new world, a wide-open spacious life so the simplest of questions to ask myself is this ‘Am I REALLY living a wide-open life?’ 216 more words


What's the Point of it All?

I have recently reached a quarter of a century in age. I have turned the corner. I have arrived at Adulthood. In my small mind, that means I’ve gained independence from my parents, I’ve moved out, I’ve become responsible for my own house payments, insurance payments, utility payments, and so on and on. 424 more words


The Dichotomy of Recovery

Here’s what I’m thinking about today…..

I wrote recently about finally feeling like a grown up. Handling stress, letting it flow through me without trying to control it. 229 more words

Life Without Booze