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So, life in general sucks.  People lie to each other–never say what they’re really thinking.  Everybody’s caught up in making money.  You’re tired of being lied to by both political parties. 134 more words



Let me take you back to when I was a child. The wind in my hair, my feet on the bicycle pedals, and the laughter you could hear from my friends and I as we pedal down the street and back. 130 more words

Random Thoughts

A Modern Woman's Struggle with Beautiful

I struggle with beautiful.

Sometimes I have a very strong concept of what it means, and I get it. I’m strong. I’m ready. Other times, the interconnectedness of beauty and strength lay me to waste. 925 more words

Reading is NOT a 'must'

I love reading but I have a problem with quotes like, “Reading will change your life” or “Those who read are more mature than those who don’t” or “Books are better than television,” etc. 583 more words


Encounter With a Briton #3

(Am working a trial shift at a potential job at a clothing store where the Boss’s Grade-School Aged Daughter tells me very matter-of-factly all about her plans for the future, including the following gem) 22 more words

compared to what?

I was a bit bored. A bit meh, as they say nowadays, with no inclination to work on the plentiful harvest of tasks around me started enthusiastically as recently as yesterday. 550 more words


Stand Fast to Your Convictions

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” Revelation 12:11… 856 more words

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