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Dear Hot Dude at the Bar

Did you notice me sitting in the other corner? The faraway corner where I couldn’t see if you were throwing smolders in my direction? So I fixed that for you. 166 more words


M. R. S. Part Tres (and a J)

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, in M world…. So the after the S short-lived debacle I told him I couldn’t date a racist and someone who “uses fists before words.” That and this jealousy thing does not go well with me but I kept that to myself. 3,206 more words


M. R. S. Part Deux

Chapter 2

The young pup I flirted with after the blond heifer incident came in that Sunday night with his very cute buddy. I proceeded to get us all pretty drunk with the intention (JUST the INTENTION on making out with one of them, hopefully the young pup’s friend, he was pretty sexy, and this is documented by a text I sent to my girlfriend) but when we went back to the young pup’s house I realized when he kissed me after flirting heavily with friend this was moving into 3-way territory. 1,468 more words


M. R. S.

So these events of the next chapter installments take place over spring/summer of 2014. Yes, I got very behind on my writing. For a while not much was going on with me, was just treading water. 5,365 more words


The Interview

A/N: This is a fictional narrative. It is not intended to be taken as an actual event. However the events discussed by the characters, with the sole exceptions being the characters own experiences, are actual events and portray a legitimate reality affecting sex workers in Honduras. 2,897 more words


30 100s #6: Flame

Thirty One Hundreds (30 Days strict!Drabble Challenge)

Prompt #6: Flame

w/ miss A’s Jia and EXO’s Tao

100 words, Angst, Mature (for bloody scene) 116 more words


30 100s #5: Haze

Thirty One Hundreds (30 Days strict!Drabble Challenge)

Prompt #5: Haze

w/ Zhang Li Yin (SM Ent.’s Chinese female soloist) and EXO’s Chen (Kim Jongdae) 

aka  198 more words