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A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: characteristic

Characteristic function. (Not the probability one.)

Today’s entry in my mathematical A-To-Z challenge is easier than the bijection function was. This is the characteristic function. Its domain is any set, any collection of things you like. 470 more words


Great Time Websites

If you are learning or brushing up on telling the time and want to practice your skills… here are some great websites that you can play games on and practice using the analog clock. 8 more words

4th/ 5th Class

Old Exam Questions #4

First off, here is my solution to Old Exam Question #3

(Click for enlargements)

Did you use a different method? I’m not convinced I’d be awarded full marks, which in itself prompts interesting questions about marking examinations perhaps… perhaps not. 10 more words


Day 149 - Maths

Eurgh. Why is it maths

that always brings me back down

to the cold hard floor?

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