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Spending the weekend folding polyhedra and finding convex internal angles

So I’ve managed to resolve the circle construction question from a few posts back and determined┬áthat any number n can be constructed by a fairly small number of operations; more precisely the 2-logarithm the number but I’ve put off putting together a good description of the proof as I’ve been preoccupied with school, work, and another new mini-project: Polyhedra. 497 more words

Wheatley Students Succeed at Nassau County Mathematics Fair!

In the final round of the Nassau County Mathematics Fair (on Friday), 16 Wheatley students competed at Hofstra University against students from across the county. As part of our Mathematics Research Program, students had been working on the papers for the past several months, including presentation at the qualifying round of the fair back in February. 199 more words


Factorisation - The Box Method!

Responding to a Twitter chat (#mathsTLP) we were discussing the splitting the middle term method (which I personally hate); if one must have a recipe to follow – how’s this? 21 more words




This is a notebook Newton acquired while he was an undergraduate at Trinity College and used from about 1661 to 1665 .It includes many notes from his studies and, increasingly, his own explorations into mathematics, physics and metaphysics. 28 more words


A Possible Solution for people with dyscalculia

My last post of months ago occurred about the issues people with dyscalculia has to face..
There are helpful tools.

I’ve found a way, that may help. 60 more words