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Maybe we ought to have Numerical Coprocessors?

The past decade has seen the rise of GPGPUs. We’re leveraging the tremendous computational power of graphics cards to accelerate computationally intensive applications such as machine learning, video compression and sorting. 288 more words


CS Math Homework Set 1, Problem 6

Suppose that w^2 + x^2 + y^2 = z^2, where w, x, y, and z always denote positive integers. (Hint: It may be helpful to represent even integers as 2i and odd integers as 2j + 1, where i and j are integers) Prove the proposition: z is even if and only if w, x, and y are even. 475 more words

Discrete Math

What is schizophrenia really like ?

The recent tragic death of John Nash and his wife warrants reposting the following written 11 October 2009

“I feel that writing to you there I am writing to the source of a ray of light from within a pit of semi-darkness. 956 more words

Neurology & Psychiatry

physics joke

Q: In every civilization there are farmers, and there are people who predict harvests. For example in Canada, Statistics Canada predicted wheat output will drop to 27.5 million metric tons from a record 37.5 million in 2013. 22 more words

The Story Of Our Lives

Lineup and Game Notes - May 25:

The tarp is off the field….again!  Game time is 1:00pm.**

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AM1280, WNAM

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MiLB.TV* 41 more words