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Number Mystique

Many numbers have mystic or mythical associations: All things good and bad are said to be three; to the Chinese, four is an unlucky number because it sounds like “death” in the Chinese language; you can find the number five in pentagrams of soothsayers and mystics, and in the pentacle of Solomon; the seven arms of the Hebrew candelabrum, and the seven layers of hell in Islam; the proverbial nine lives of a cat, and the cat-o’-nine-tails (though that is another kind of cat!); the belief that the number thirteen is unlucky (though in Italy, it’s a lucky number; etc. 259 more words


Dissection of a rectangle into a square and a definition of area

This post is simply a reworking of my previous post on this subject as I realized I had missed a special case which is accounted for in a single line but which nevertheless had gone unmentioned. 742 more words

Happy Birthday USA

I suppose I could do the math — no that’s just not gonna happen.  How ’bout you do the math and figure out which birthday this country is celebrating this year.   713 more words


Counting Sheep That Won't Put You To Sleep

Divide by Sheep is a puzzle game that requires math, advanced planning, and sometimes just a little bit of luck. That description might sound less than exciting, but the game makes up for this by making you drown the sheep, feed them to wolves, slice them to pieces, and generally have some fun with the cuddly critters. 771 more words


Bakit Hinahanap ni Math ang Value ni x?

(Nerd talk alert. But I assure you na may sense naman itong post na ito. Sorry di ako ganong kagaling sa Filipino so just deal with it haha) 952 more words


Entropy optimality: Analytic psd rank and John's theorem

Recall that our goal is to sketch a proof of the following theorem, where the notation is from the last post. I will assume a knowledge of the three posts on polyhedral lifts and non-negative rank, as our argument will proceed by analogy. 629 more words


Fibonacci Sequence & a Cool Pattern


The Fibonacci sequence adds consecutive terms:


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This is a simple algebraic proof of a certain pattern of Fibonacci triples that I have posted a few days ago. Note; Comments are turned off here. Please visit the original post.