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Apakah 64 = 65 ????

Matematika merupakan ilmu yang “paling” pasti. 1 tak akan mungkin sama dengan 2. Akan tetapi ada suatu gambar yang cukup menarik yang menunjukkan luas dua bangun yang berbeda. 42 more words


My Campaign To Teach 7-11 Math Has Ended....

And although I may have nothing to do with it, I’m taking the credit. Some of the credit. Just a teeny bit. Also, I’m entirely positive both my friends and The Canadian One are happy my tirade against 7-11 and their math ability is over and we can move onto more pressing issues. 17 more words


Number Counting Cards

This is an incredibly simple activity to make and has so many options!  Every time I pull this one out, we come up with new ways to use it. 259 more words




I always tell myself, okay, I will actually just draw something facetiously and get it over with, nobody comes to this blog to admire my GIMP mouse doodles, but then perfectionist tendencies kick in and I get… 51 more words