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From crystals to hyperspheres

I learned a very interesting bitĀ of mathematics recently. In the next two posts, I’d like to share it with you. My hope is to give not only specific information, but a flavor of what it’s like to think about math. 919 more words

Why do probabilists take random variables to be Borel (and not Lebesgue) measurable?

The question in the title has been answered by this MOF post. One reason is that Lebesgue measurable function is bad since may not be Lebesgue measurable even if function and random variable are both Lebesgue measurable. 149 more words


Bond Fund Duration and Rolling Down the Yield Curve

“Rolling Down the Yield Curve” is a strategy of holding on to a bond for a short part of its term to collect coupon(s) and then sell at a slightly higher price when it has a lower yield, and thus a slightly higher price. 397 more words


The Diminishing Returns of Focusing on the Right Thing

There was a recent thread on Hacker News about the search for the “cure for aging”:

The thought has recently occurred to me that we should all be working on the “aging problem”, until it’s solved, and then spending all our extra time on other pursuits.

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Special post tomorrow for reaching 20k followers

Just realized I reached a combined 20k followers on my 3 blogs so at 10:10am EST I will be posting a special post recapping the journey. 6 more words

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My story thus far (20k follower tribute)

I’ve been in the wordpress blogosphere for nearly 4 years and have now reached 20k cumulative followers from my 3 blog. This is my life story written for those who have failed school or want motivation to live their passion despite life’s hardships. 430 more words


Jawaban Teka-Teki Matematika (1)

Sebelum menjawab ada baiknya kita tinjau permasalahannya terlebih dahulu.

Di rumah P

Ada 3 kemungkinan komposisi anak pada keluarga yang menempati rumah P

karena yang diketahui memiliki anak laki-laki, maka tidak mungkin ada opsi Perempuan-perempuan. 73 more words