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The bliss of having teenage children

“Now I don’t have children any more…” I found myself saying to an old friend  this afternoon.  Until she brought me up short by reminding me that, yes, actually, I still do. 152 more words


Formula is not a four letter word.

The one’s a shout out to all the formula feeding mums out there.

I was lucky enough to have 16 weeks of maternity leave. I was also lucky to have a stay at home wife. 155 more words


Keeping up with the Johansens: a Norwegian take on maternal guilt

Some years ago, when I was more financially gainfully employed than today, I looked after a portfolio that was heavily weighted with Norwegian assets. We weren’t a big company and were still growing our Norwegian position so our partners were not often keen to make concessions in order for us to make it to meetings from our London base. 671 more words


Confidence in Choices

The sun was just beginning to peek its head over the horizon. I was dressed and ready to go to school, tea in hand. Linnea folded her arms across her chest and with droopy eyes and an outturned lip said, “I don’t… 178 more words