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Free materials pack for c4d by Stectoons!!!

Stectoons have created this pack of materials for Cinema 4D.

Hope you like it, find it useful and enjoy it!

Download the materials pack!!!

Found the flowers -- Alstroemeria

Well, I did get one minorly art-related thing done today:  I bought another bunch of flowers.  They’re the same type as the last bunch, but they’re crimson/deep red instead of yellow/maroon.  690 more words


"You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat" - pitching material

I’ve had a while to mull this over. I still think I need to stick to my initial judgement that my students need to be thrown into the unknown sometimes. 394 more words


UV Hanging Jellyfish Lamp

Still have this thing hanging in my room! And I absolutely adore it! Mostly blue and purple when lit up, due to the UV Bulb that is inside (makes things glow!!)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is funny, no really, I like it. I enjoy taking pictures of objects. There are so many objects that most people would find boring, I did that too, but I pay more attention to these objects since I am interested in photography. 177 more words


Reflections on EMAG 2015 (& MMC): Day 3 (2nd July)

Despite the previous nights conference meal and party at The Midland Hotel, the pace of the meeting did not let up. Todays topics of advanced instrumentation & nuclear materials proved to be really interesting and was very engaging. 1,977 more words