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Different beaks for different birds

Thank you to Leann at The Hands-On Homeschooler for sharing this fantastic activity on beak adaptations! Click the link to see her wonderful post.

I doubt my classroom is ever going to stay quiet for long, especially when I start off the morning with grass, coloured water, sunflower seeds, foam, marshmellows, and sour worms! 262 more words

Setting up a new studio space

Things are looking good in the new studio! Lots of space and inspiration for creating new work!


Desk Space - Project Three Dyeing Workshop

This is my latest desk space after spending a day in the dye lab; my lecturer recently told me I was a very prolific worker and I think this is obvious in the above image. 73 more words


2015: The clothing challenge

So 2014 was a year for cutting back on my purchases in General and especially on clothing, so every purchase was carefully looked at to see if I really need it and most of the time, I didn’t. 186 more words


Conformal Coating Materials and How they affect Production

Nexus has highlighted six critical areas that affect coating production and reduce performance on the line. These are theĀ machines, materials, staff, process control, upstream processes and customer requirements. 81 more words

Conformal Coating

Do I Have Enough?

Tesserae are beautiful, amazing and very expensive. When you set upon your design, it is imperative that you make sure to have enough. Planning your design and organizing your space are key elements! 111 more words

Making Mosaics

We Make (stunning) Carpets

These carpets are not carpets. I mean..not that kind of carpets you’d expect. You cannot walk on them or touch them, the only thing you can do is to look at them, even very closely, trying to figure out how they’re made and with what. 354 more words