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Tonezilla mkii

I just rebuilt a friends tone bender mkii i gave him almost 2 years ago. Realised component values were all over the place, my mistakes, crossing oc81d and oc75 schems it seems.. 133 more words


Tone Bender mk i.v The Lost Mystic Card Bender

A bit of a lost card, due to its mystical rarity… i guess some even doubted its existence.
Apparently more yardbirds sounds to be had from this one. 39 more words


Multifx pedal... The Wonderchick!

Combo of modded Repeat Percussion, bigfoot Magbavibe and BBE Sonic Stomp.
Sounds great, messy spaghetti and i managed to cool the reperc’s ticks to a minimum!!! VICTORY!

yours truly


P2P Mosrite Fuzzrite

Using 2n2222 transistors..
I must say this sounds great. Responds well to volume adjustments, cleans up to overdrive. Very usable.
If you turn down the fuzz it gets all maestro fz1 engulfed-like in a way.. 33 more words


Two pedals for my bro

My brother took up playing electric guitar again. He asked me for some boxes..

2n1307 texas instruments fuzz face
Q1 hfe 200
Q2 hfe 198… 56 more words


Maestro FZ1

From Sinner/Grrrunge’s layout… Maestro FZ-1! Yipeeeee!!

yours truly


Tonebender mki builds

I have been building a couple of Mki Tonebenders, using Smallbear’s trannies.
I must say it’s easier that way, but still i have a bucketload of trannies in my stash.. 100 more words