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Get Graduate Credits, live on Brainbridge Island and Teach for a Year. Sounds nice!

The graduate residency program in Environmental Education— IslandWood—has room for more students. During this residency you live in a cabin in the woods on Bainbridge Island, WA for a year, while teaching EE to elementary students and receiving Masters’ level Education credits for the graduate classes you are taking. 177 more words

One Month Gone

Bonus points if you can guess the book/movie my blog title was inspired by…

Anyways, summer vacation started a little over a month ago from my master’s degree program. 226 more words


Education and Vegetables?

I just handed in my final paper for another class, a research class. I am so thankful it is over, although I have another research class to take this fall. 523 more words

Bountiful Baskets


I pretty comfortable “winging it” in all situations.

I recall the first class I took in my master’s degree. My program adviser specifically informed all of us, that “winging it” is never going to work. 139 more words

Could a Master's Degree Get You Promoted?

When discussing why they failed to promote, one of the more common reasons that officers give is that they were unable to get a leadership position. 788 more words


Why I Am Going To Graduate School

After applying late to Chico State’s Political Science graduate program, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be accepted, hence why I applied late in the first place. 476 more words