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5 Vocabulary Words I Never Wanted to Know

I am trying to find a balance between being candid about my experience and being overly graphic. The thing about being in the middle of this is, it doesn’t seem squicky to me anymore. 996 more words


Finally...reconstruction and nipples are here! HORRAY!!

Well, it’s finally here!! My consultation for my mastectomy reconstruction and nipple reconstruction is tomorrow. Yes, once again more surgery. At this point I’ve stopped counting lol. 126 more words

Sticks,stones and splits (Or, how I find out if my kids are paying attention too)

So today started out really well. Early wake-up, a quiet morning to look forward to, and finally, the perfect time to start this read, a magic collection of pieces that, like all of Edward’s work, strive to remind us that we are surrounded by beauty, if only we would stop and pay attention, as he often says.   573 more words


The day of my surgery I was assured there would be no drains, which is fine because I can just relive that experience by reading my earlier blog, no need for a repeat performance. 695 more words

Breast Cancer

June 29th, 2015: Boob Behaving Badly

Last November, I tried to rid cancer from my body by having a double mastectomy. Get rid of the tumors and be done with cancer. At the end, you gain a boob job. 712 more words

Breast Cancer

One Voice: Meet Sarah Cretch

I’m such a chemo-brained twat – been trying to fathom how to reblog this article on HuffPo for the last half hour, but since I can’t find a nice handy little “reblog” button, I’ve had to resort to good old copy-and-paste. 1,288 more words

On Cancer

The Ugly Cry

Some days are such rollercoasters.

Friday was just such a day.

I was late getting Q (a.k.a #5) to daycare, then forgot to send her with a towel because, of course, it was water day. 1,247 more words