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Priorities and A New Normal!!

I’ve been silent on FB and my blog for many reasons. One of the big reasons is, I’ve opened up to close friends about how I was really doing and shared my fears/thoughts of life in the future, only for them to freak out on me, tell me to snap out of it or that I was fine, and was overreacting. 2,140 more words

Pick me up Mommy!

Tell a Mom not to use her right arm. Tell this to a Mom with a 4 year old and watch her face. I am one of those people who is never content to do just one thing at a time. 610 more words

Day 16- Cancer and Plastics


Today I was able to see a bladder resection case and the end of a mastectomy case where they performed a transverse rectus abdominis reconstruction. 597 more words


Soaking the bed, it was awesome.

Female ejaculation, what an awful term, squirting, frankly, isn’t a better word. There needs to be a better phrase for girly cum and that one wasn’t much better. 738 more words

Family School Work Stuff

My body, like everyone else’s, was never perfect. Aged 22, I worried about tummy-flab and being too short with massive feet. Thirty years later, I look at photographs of that time and wonder what I worried about.

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Breast Cancer

#9: Suddenly a Muffin

My heating bill had an interesting statistic on it. In the box where it compares my use of gas this year to my use of gas last year during the same time, it also indicates how the temperature this year compares to last year. 1,141 more words


Mommy Mondays: No Bones

We all know what toddlers are like.  When the are good, they are wonderful.  But when they are bad…watch out!!!  Oliver is much of the same. 417 more words