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damaged antique paper

Walking past the blues,

Just damaged antique paper

Trying to stay up,

Jaunty as a pup –

Tired Old Cares stepping out tonight,

Make a left turn at the next light. 265 more words


Always connected: God and the morning newspaper

“Reading the morning newspaper is the realist’s morning prayer. One orients one’s attitude toward the world either by God or by what the world is. The former gives as much security as the latter, in that one knows how one stands.”

Mass Media

3-1: Sources, Credibility, and Social Media

I chose to examine the sources cited in an article written for The Huffington Post Green Section, by James Gerken. As Gerken’s background information from the huffington post’s website only stated that he is a graduate of Colgate University, and presently resides in New York City, I performed a Google search for his name. 391 more words

Mass Media

On The Move (CH.5)

Mobile journalism is, without a doubt, the new wave of the future. Stories can be researched and produced at incredibly efficient speeds, often written on location to expedite the process. 189 more words


Russian journalists detained in Kiev as Ukraine steps up censorship

RT | February 26, 2015

Four Russian journalists were detained in Ukraine and ordered to return back to Moscow. Three of them were stopped when filming a Right Sector rally.

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