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▶ Noam Chomsky on American Empire • Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum

Many Americans are not accustomed to the idea that America sits atop a global empire, but with military bases and forces spread out across the world, interventions in dozens of countries – there’s simply no other way to describe our “empire.”  Expansion is the path to security, and to achieve security you have to control everything of value.  352 more words

Corporate Empire

Freedom of Expression in Singapore

Very useful stats and info in this report by CAN and Reporters without Borders, please do read it as these 2 organizations are super important organizations you have to know for censorship/ mass media in Singapore! 11 more words

General Happenings In Life

Antique Symbols - Fantastic Universe 18Q

The Antique Symbols of the Fantastic Universe 18Q have had exo-linguists  and inter-dimensional  sociologists fascinated for some time. The use of printed text must derive from their access to large arboreal cultivation on a scale unknown to us. 238 more words


Soap opera and social codes

The huge national prominence of popular music and soap operas in Brazil places both entertainment products as fundamental vectors of the social sharing of codes, values, lifestyles, and behavior. 130 more words

Popular Music


Prof. univ. dr. Anton Caragea a fost invitat sa deschida ceremoniile pentru PREMIILE DE TURISM MONDIAL, in semn de recunoastere si apreciere, pentru rolul sau instrumental in a acorda Etiopiei titlul de CEA MAI BUNA DESTINATIE TURISTICA MONDIALA  PENTRU 2015 si pentru sprijinul sau acordat in recunoasterea universala a ceremoniei etiopiene a cafelei si a conceptului de « shimgalina» drept parte a patrimoniului imaterial cultural al umanitatii . 228 more words

Mass Media

'They're trying to keep you QUIET so everyone thinks things are changing'


I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m adjusting. As I have written you more than twenty letters since I last heard from you. 759 more words

Arbitrary C.O.s