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Mass Effect 3: Tarysande on ME3's Ending

Very recently I spotted on my tumblr dash a fantastically put together argument about why so many of us were disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending and more importantly, how Bioware should take note. 1,112 more words


Press Start: Mass Effect 3 (2012, PC)

‘Press Start’ is a new series I will be writing giving in-depth reviews on games I have just completed. This time, I’ll be talking about the latest installment of the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect 3. 649 more words


Science Fiction Today - United Nations

The United Nations. If you’re like me, then they are that overarching governing body that you completely forget about most of the time. They have a lot of member states, but do they have a lot of power? 520 more words

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The Mass Effect 4 Info Leak

So earlier in the week, EA allegedly leaked info on the upcoming Bioware Sci-Fi RPG Mass Effect 4, I’ll discuss the possible legitimacy of this as well as talk about what I want to see in the game all while playing the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer!


The Best of Mass Effect: #3 & #2

Where I rank my favorite Mass Effect missions. Spoilers abound.

#3. Mass Effect 3: Priority: Rannoch


Who do you want Shepard to be? 1,042 more words

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