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Bubble & Squeak


A great English classic made using leftovers, this oddly named dish can be created with whatever vegetables you have to hand. It is a great way of using up your veg and as with most leftover dishes, is even better than the original. 258 more words


8 Servicewomen...

Since I gave you my list of favorite TV Servicemen for Veterans Day, I now present my favorite TV Servicewomen in honor of Independence Day. 354 more words

8 Things

13 Patriotic TV Shows to Watch Over 4th of July Weekend

By Courtney E. Smith

America the beautiful. This land is our land, this land is your land. But if you’re not planning to leave the land of your couch this holiday, for reasons of weather or simply personal choice (we like to calling it exercising your right to wear underpants), you can still do your most patriotic duty as an American and celebrate our nation by watching TV—lots and lots of TV. 1,022 more words

The Route 103

Mash Up

So here’s the deal … I can’t eat regular potatoes as they’re a nightshade. Long story short, nightshades are often a mild poison to people with auto immune problems, they play havoc with my skin. 260 more words


Snow Dogs Inception Mash Up

Simple, family movies mashed up with serious, dramatic music really makes a crazy trailer. Snow Dogs is a kids movie about dog sledding, but with Inception music, it’s so much more. 11 more words

Huro Gudiye (Freshly Mashed Chicken Side)

Hello, first post! So, what do we begin with? Something that is synonymous with Chakma food – the healthy yet incredibly appetising gudiye. Linguistic difficulties? 463 more words


Baked Crumbed Potato Balls

I love potatoes. Everyone does. Even if they’re on a health kick and say they prefer cauliflower mash (shudder). They’re lying or in denial. The Husband is obsessed with mashed potatoes. 337 more words