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|Be a Man| 5 reasons why you should cut your own hair

Today, I got to admit, the topic I chose, is not the best. However I felt like doing this post. Read it, or leave it. At least look at the funny pictures. 813 more words


Men Who Take Selfies.

As Missing a Dick has iterated many times before, there are some things in this life that are very gender-specific. Try as we might to veer away from this sort of specificity in the twenty-first century, you can’t eradicate an ages old indoctrination. 122 more words

Muscular Christianity, Anyone?

I was intrigued by a research paper from Leeds University (UK) and Christians in Sport: The Development of Muscular Christianity in Victorian Britain and Beyond… 289 more words

How I've Loved Him

Sometimes our bodies didn’t know what to do with each other
-this is how it started:
my hand reaching for yours;
your entire body flinching… 508 more words

Brown Boi

Women’s Movie Roles Are Reactionary

Hollywood is sexist. If you’ve been playing along, this is a well-established fact, with aging women often pigeon-holed or written off the screens entirely, simply because older women aren’t seen as “attractive.” And from there, the roles that women can play are often limited, especially when we delve into genres like action or adventure, or even the current Hollywood-favorite superhero genre. 574 more words

Finding Inspiration from the Butterfly Child: Do You Take Your Body For Granted?

When I first started this blog I intended to make body love letters the majority of the published articles. I envisioned that I‘d have a lot of people jumping at the change to jot down words of kindness to their body. 236 more words

Body Musings