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Safe Spaces are for White Men

by Maya Goodfellow Follow @Mayagoodfellow

The campaign against Bahar Mustafa started a month ago, in an article in the Spectator. Although they picked up the story up from student newspaper the Tab, the conservative magazine was all too aware that putting this young woman and the complaints against her under the spotlight would garner a good deal of attention. 815 more words


If this were Friends, it'd be the one where "trundled" was used excessively.

Greetings from 20,000 feet, or however many heels, toes, pads and balls (heh, balls) could accurately measure how high we are right now. Judging by the latter sentence you could be forgiven for misconstruing my vertical nature for a greener manner, but in that case you’d be incorrect. 622 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Art by CJ Szatkowski: National Art Exhibit (USA)

Artist Portfolio Magazine

National Art Exhibit

CJ Szatkowski

My artwork is an exploration of the idea of masculinity, specifically my own masculinity. I choose figures that explore an idea of a “feminized masculinity” by breaking down the traditional way that the male figure is represented. 340 more words


Stanford Prof Says That Video Game A Pornography Addiction Are Linked To A Crisis Of Masculinity

“Men who play video games “in excess” and watch online porn are facing what has been called a masculinity crisis, according to a leading US psychologist.” You can read the post… 25 more words

Gaming Addiction

Re/Framing Manhood.

In our third reading group meeting we will discuss contemporary hegemonic manhood in North America. We will look at a duet of readings exploring how hegemonic manhood  is socially framed, communicated and manifested, as well as some of its implication on us as individuals and on our society. 271 more words


Good day gentlemen


I do hope you have not mistaken my scarcity as a loss of interest in you,my dear readers.Erosseduction still exists for the sole purpose of providing help and motivation to all who need it,donot be alarmed. 705 more words

Alpha Male Traits

The One With the Sensitivity

There are several sitcoms worth analyzing, praising and re-watching several times; none is ever completely above the struggle to master the magic formula that makes certain sitcoms so memorable. 1,007 more words